Reading is a beautiful way to grow and to promote language development . When we read we put ourselves in the place of others learning without realizing it to be empathetic . Teaching our children to lose themselves in the world of books is undoubtedly a valuable gift that will positively condition their lives. In addition, we can also teach them to work on emotions through reading .

This is a selection of nine stories that will be useful to us to explore the child’s emotions and help him to express them:

Sad monster, happy monster

{Sad Monster, Happy Monster. Author / Illustrator: Ed Emberley and Anne Miranda. Publisher: Océano Travesía}. Different monsters will teach them different emotions. They too feel, even if they are monsters.

This is my heart

{This is my heart. Author: Jo Witek. Illustrator: Christine Roussey. Publisher: Bruño}. Beautiful illustrations accompany you on a journey to the hearts of the little ones, right in the place where emotions meet.

Rain and sugar recipes

{Rain and Sugar Recipes. Author: Eva Manzano Plaza. Illustrator: Mónica Gutiérrez Serna. Publisher: Thule}. Cuisine and emotions come together to delight adults and adults through tasty and emotional recipes.

I love you (almost always)

{I love you (almost always). Author / Illustrator: Anna Llenas. Publisher: Espasa}. Learning that we are different is very important to building a healthy and respectful relationship.

The lion and the bird

{The Lion and The Bird. Author / Illustrator: Marianne Dubuc. Publisher: Tramuntana}. A friendship that will make us feel love for our neighbor, ourselves and even life. Sadness, acceptance and joy are mixed with other feelings that will inadvertently invade us as we read this beautiful story.

Ghosts don’t knock on the door

{Ghosts don’t knock on the door. Author: Eulalia Canal Iglesias. Illustrator: Rocío Bonilla Raya. Publisher: Algar}. A ghost adventure to see the problem of jealousy up close and learn to face it. Funny story that ends better than we expected.

The ogre who was always very angry

{The ogre who was always very angry. Author: Luisa Villar Liébana. Illustrator: Bárbara Perdiguera. Publisher: SM}. This story teaches us that one decides whether to live always angry or, on the contrary, choose to be happy. The ogre is helped by his valuable friends on the path to happiness.

When I got this little

{When I became this small. Author: Roberto Aliaga. Illustrator: Miguel Ángel Díez. Publisher: Anaya}. Others can make us feel bad or inferior at times, but there is a solution. It all depends on how we deal with it. Great life lesson.

Stories to be happy. Stories to help the little ones to live better

{Stories to be happy: Stories to help the little ones to live better. Author / Illustrator: Gaspar Hernández and Jordi Llavina. Publisher: La Osa Menor}. Collection of 20 stories for parents to read to their children and talk about different emotions, such as sadness, self-esteem or fear.

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