Strategies to promote the development and improvement of reading are always interesting, both for educators and for parents themselves. Today we are aware of the fundamental nature of the search for new pedagogical concepts that help motivate the little ones through positive and attractive activities and guidelines, away from the traditional method of command and control. If children feel that their path into the world of reading is one of obligation, they will not perceive the concept of reading as something that might be interesting to them, and they will develop a feeling of rejection almost immediately.

If, in addition, the efforts to bring the little ones closer to the world of reading only take place at school and not at home, in the same way, the results in search of the introduction of children to reading will be unsuccessful.

That is why in today’s article we want to give you some guidelines that will surely be beneficial in that path that every parent and / or educator starts sometime, in pursuit of new generations of readers.


The route of books

One of the ideas that we want to propose is to include books also on family leisure days. Going for a walk, enjoying an ice cream or a family meal, can be completed with a visit to a bookstore or library . The fact of visiting these places from a very young age and doing it as a family, can be fundamental in the way in which children finally perceive reading, creating in them beautiful and pleasant memories that they will cherish when they are older. Even in large areas, they allow the little ones to interact directly with the books that are most interesting to them, in spaces set up and decorated especially for them. A delight!

Talking books

The use of audio stories is a very effective resource when what is intended is that children are attracted to reading . While it is true that through audiobooks they do not read, these types of stories serve to teach children stories that are interesting to them while sending the message that there are many like those stories in thousands of books. In the same way, the audio stories will help them develop their creativity and their ability to imagine distant and incredible worlds. Their curiosity will develop and encourage, favoring the approach to books in a natural way.


Reading races

Racing and marathons are all the rage in these times when it seems that we are finally more aware of the importance of our health and the path to a healthy life. Boys and girls are becoming more and more aware of this, also encouraging themselves to participate in sports events and many times in solidarity, or even signing up to exercise with mom and dad. But it would be good if we also taught children the importance of our mental and intellectual health through reading marathons. The school also has a fundamental role in this, with the capacity to organize special days in this regard.

Activities such as carrying out a solidarity reading marathon , in which steps and races are exchanged for books for developing countries, or days in which traditional subjects are exchanged for marathons of reading wonderful verses and stories, are only some of the ideas that we propose, easy to apply in different scenarios and circumstances.


But, regardless of the activities or guidelines to be developed, what is truly important is that parents and educators are aware of the importance of our role in promoting reading. A role that corresponds to us in a vital way so that the flame of development and interest in reading in childhood, remains imperturbable as in sport the Olympic flame.

All the guidelines, tips and suggestions that serve to generate and develop good reading habits are welcome.

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Excellent material, it is very useful and fun for children.

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excellent contribution, I like to make children fall in love with books

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