The practical jokes of the adults to the children, are they necessary?

It happens every day: a child is calm, interacts easily, and a conversation with him can be carried out without problems until that family member or friend arrives and makes him nervous , withdraws, and feels insecure.

What does that person do so that the child changes his behavior so radically?

According to him nothing, just kidding, what’s wrong? There would be nothing wrong if the jokes you talk about were funny. But apparently humor is only seen by that person.


  What jokes are we talking about?

Of which disrespect and, in addition, incredibly, almost everyone considers normal even if they do not make any sense.

For example: Mmmm, what are you eating? Ah, well it’s mine, I’m taking it, I’m hungry … Really? Do we go around saying hello to people while we tell them we take their food? So what’s the point of doing it to a child who will understand this silly joke even less? We agree that it only serves to put you on the defensive . Let’s look at other examples.

You come with me? Say goodbye to your mother / father that we’re leaving, we’ll be back later.

And you grab him by the hand leading him towards you without his consent and scared. Let’s see, unless the little one knows and adores you, this is done only to get the child to spend a few minutes of confusion and fear . Conclusion: don’t do it.

Why do we sometimes try to frighten children by making them believe that we are taking their toys, pets, personal things, that is, whatever the little one feels is his? Strange attitude that is made to, supposedly, get closer to him when all we can do is make him feel bad and uncomfortable with us .

And what about the hypothetical “rapture” when we snatch him away from his parents? The easiest thing is for the child to cry or scream. I mean, nothing to joke.

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Let’s stop disrespecting children for once, take advantage of your naivety and trust . Nobody, least of all a child, has to feel fear or insecurity just because, as a “joke”, or to learn. You don’t learn with fear. With fear you only learn to fear, and that leads to nothing.

If when you were little this happened to you, you will remember not having felt very well, so do not repeat it, please. And if you find it difficult to interact with children, simply say hello and ignore them too much. It works better. When you are around, calmly ask them what they do or what they like, if they are okay or would they prefer to be somewhere else. If they like fruit and how many fruits do they know, for example. What are their classmates called or if they paint or read. Whatever you tell them, if you do it with closeness and interest, it will be a point of progress. It’s okay if they don’t answer you right away. They will end up doing it if you don’t push them.

And remember that kisses and hugs are given because , not by imposition. Don’t force a child to kiss you or talk to you if they don’t feel like it.

If you see that they do this to your children, explain to whoever has this behavior that they should avoid it, that your child gets nervous and there is no need for it. Invite him to exchange laughter and games with the child, which will undoubtedly be more positive for everyone.

And always, let’s bear in mind that children are human beings, short but human beings who deserve respect. So if you wouldn’t do it with an adult, don’t take advantage of your size to make fun of a child. Never.

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