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Getting Started: Tips for launching a successful class blog

<!– –> Teachers are always looking for new ways to engage their students in the classroom.  I have several opportunities to connect with other educators and discuss ideas for increasing engagement in students’ learning and blogging became a common topic. I welcome these conversations as I have seen first hand the positive results blogging has… continue reading

Overcoming Common Struggles with the Comments Section

<!– –>   About 5 years into my teaching career, I was fed up with lugging student reader’s response notebooks home every day, fighting to try and stay on top of responding to each letter. The whole thing seemed archaic to me. I just knew there had to be a better way. Turns out there was—blogging. It… continue reading

12 New Features for the New School year

<!– –> The Kidblog Team is always working to add even more features to the world’s best student publishing platform. We’ve highlighted some of the new benefits for students, teachers, and administrators – Happy Blogging! Clever Instant Login In addition to our seamless Google integration, Kidblog now offers Clever Instant Login for students and teachers. Clever is the leading… continue reading

From New Bloggers to Published Authors

<!– –> In the beginning of the school year, there are many routines and procedures to be established. The first few weeks of school are often spent getting to know one another, discussing classroom expectations, and becoming familiar with classroom tools and materials. A great way to begin the new year is by taking the… continue reading

Using Kidblog as a Virtual Classroom to Connect Physical Classes

<!– –> Many Hats The role of an elementary teacher can vary. To some of us, that means donning the hat of the “Traveling Teacher”; we take our Mary Poppins bag of curricular tricks on the road each week in order to meet the needs of a certain population in multiple school buildings.  We risk rotator… continue reading

Capturing the Story with Imagery

<!– –> Imagery is the heart of storytelling. In my creative writing class, we begin the semester-long class with an exercise that helps students find the right words to convey to their readers the sensory details that bring the story alive. Eventually students learn that imagery is twofold.  First, it describes using sensory language, and second,… continue reading

How to Use Blogging with Project Based Learning

<!– –> Over the past few years, I have looked for more ways—especially creative ways—to use blogging in my classroom. What initially started as a way to have my students practice their writing skills in a digital format (rather than the traditional “Daily Journal” writing), has taken different forms over the past year. Blogging brings… continue reading

Blogging Feedback as a Formula

<!– –> The more often you write, the better you will write. You’ve heard it before, and you’ll invariably hear it again. As an avid writer, I wholeheartedly agree. As a teacher, these often-heard words of wisdom sound much easier in theory than they are in practice. You can have students journal daily, scribbling in… continue reading

Don’t Let the Learning Stop: How to keep students engaged over extended breaks

<!– –> The “Slide” Throughout the school year, extended breaks provide both teachers and students the opportunity to give their mind a chance to reboot. However, learning opportunities do not have to stop while we take a break from the classroom to devote time to family, friends, and relaxation. Without opportunities for active learning during… continue reading

Preparing Students for College with Blogging

<!– –> Being an English teacher for 25 years, I assumed that I was adequately preparing my students for college:  reading comprehension – check; writing and revising essays – check; MLA format – check; grammar and mechanics – check.  However, I soon realized that there was more required for class assignments in college than the… continue reading