How can we breathe when we go underwater?

We can breathe underwater with a tube or an oxygen bottle. The practice of this simple activity is called Snorkeling.

Just under the surface

If you swim just below the surface of the water, you can breathe oxygen in the air with the help of a simple breathing tube. But be careful, because you cannot stay long: below 35 m. immersion, it is very difficult to draw in the air! For this reason, to submerge, it is necessary to equip yourself, which was already done in other times with the help of the so-called diving suit.


At the bottom of the sea

To go down to the bottom of the sea, the diver carries a bottle of compressed air on his back. An ingenious device distributes the air as needed. This system allows the diver to move freely under the sea and view fish, coral, or the interior of a sunken ship without problems.

Remember that it is necessary to learn underwater diving well to avoid accidents. Fish are very lucky in this type of activity, since thanks to their gills they breathe underwater without problems, their natural environment. The gills look a bit like our lungs, only by filtering the oxygen contained in the water.


Immersion: It is the fact of completely immersing yourself in a new element, especially in water.

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