Children are continuously exposed to domestic accidents , mainly at one and a half years of life, when they begin to move and walk without any control and are able to do the most unexpected things. You will see that each child conforms to at least one of the different profiles that we present below, but there is a decalogue of rules that apply to all of them equally:

Security advice

  1. Avoid playing or crawling in the kitchen.
  2. Don’t use hot or dangerous objects in front of him.
  3. Do not leave things on the fire unattended, or the iron plugged in in its presence.
  4. Don’t leave him alone in the bathroom.
  5. Never leave the child alone at home no matter how short your absence may be.
  6. Do not keep burning candles by hand or sharp objects .  
  7. Keep it away from electrical appliances and don’t let it touch fans, blenders, etc.
  8. Do not leave products on hand that, due to their shape or size, can be easily swallowed .
  9. Don’t leave him alone in hard-to-reach places or near areas where he could drown.
  10. Make sure it is moved away from easy-open doors and windows.

It is advisable to resort to the use of special security devices to create a safe home, as these facilitate the stay and prevent your child from turning the house into a battlefield. They will give you peace of mind and you can stop monitoring it continuously. With them you can cover the peaks of the tables, cover the sockets, put stops on drawers and windows, place pads that prevent the doors from closing or install tubes to isolate defective cables, among many other options.

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