Parents have to give great importance to the child’s school life , since it is the platform from which he opens up to social and cultural life, and to realities that he could not reach from the family environment. School life complements family life and it is up to parents that this life be happy.

The child, as a social being that he is, has to learn to live together and the school is the ideal environment where the child coexists with his peers and, ultimately, with all the people who are part of the school. Through school the child connects with other children and with other environments, learns to give and receive, acquires habits related to order, hygiene, health…. He discovers that there are difficulties that require effort, he experiences joy in his school progress, he finds other forms of language and play. He ranks among other children of his level, among whom there are some more capable and others who manifest more difficulties. In this way, their sociability increases and matures properly.


The role of parents in the design of the school

The child’s school life is not a priority in their maturation process, nor is it a game of escape, it is something in between that parents have to appreciate and praise. The school, if it is well organized, helps the child to open up to life and develop with autonomy and balance .

It is very important that parents get involved and participate in the child’s school life so that everything they acquire at school is reinforced in the family environment and vice versa. Ultimately both, family and school, have to agree and reinforce the acquisitions that the child achieves in one medium or another. Parents must follow the child’s school process with love and approach, they must be close to the interests of the school, integrate their languages into all the other languages that the child is acquiring and mastering. The contents that the child acquires in school must be stimulated from home , receiving the discreet, moderate and convenient attention they deserve.

On the other hand, the school must try to get as close as possible to the interests and contexts of which the child is a part. The schedules and demands have to be made compatible with other family and social projects in which the child participates and make the child aware of their social and cultural environment.

Educational success is everyone’s job.

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