People, mainly due to the fast pace and all the pressure that surrounds us every day, we need to disconnect. But not only that, we need to put our hopes and our dreams on things that we do not know if they will ever happen, but that keep us alive. Dreaming is one of the main ingredients of life, the one that makes our eyes shine with emotion thinking of a better world and / or great opportunities for us and for our loved ones.

And one of the simplest ways to dream of other possible worlds is reading, that passport to everyone and nowhere at the same time, which allows us to stop being who we are for a moment and live the life of anyone else accompanying them on their journey. personal. One of the most recommended readings to let our imagination run free is that of Alice in Wonderland , written by the British Lewis Carroll. Controversial history where they exist, which is liked by adults and children alike and offers us multiple readings of it, making the trip even more interesting, in this way.

There are many teachings that Alice in Wonderland leaves us through situations that border on the absurd and delusional, through a language that invites confusion and mystery. Warnings, even, such as the one that is sensed around the pressure and stress with which adults come to put under the smallest children almost without realizing it, as we see through Alice and the White Rabbit; the slavery of the routine of our daily life as opposed to the freedom that Alicia fully enjoys through her fantastic journey; Our existential doubts, our insecurity in ourselves or the intolerance that surrounds us, are some of the aspects that this story presents us, worthy of being taken into account when transmitting it to the members of the new childhood.

A classic, in short, that invites us to make use of logic and our imagination; that invites us to go further … and that places in our hands a wonderful collection of unforgettable phrases to remember.

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