The importance of aunts in the lives of children

It is easy to think that anyone who interacts in the life of a child is important for their development, but the figure of the aunt is a separate mention.

Here are some of the advantages of this fabulous and promising relationship. There are many more, but these make it clear that it is the beginning of a long friendship.

Will be in the important moments

Whether it is her birthday, a sports final or a school festival, if the aunt cannot be in person she will call or show up by any means. Your excitement will be enormous and your support complete. Those encouragements are not from mom and are appreciated in a different way. An aunt never fails in a congratulation.

It will be like mom but more friend

An aunt takes care of her nephews above all else but has no direct responsibility for their upbringing, which makes their relationship more relaxed. It can be your friend, your support, your confidant and even your partner, without having to make the limits so clear. This is enriching for the child because he feels protected and at the same time free to act differently than with mother and father. And this feeling will have a positive impact on your maturity as a person.

Will bring another point of view

When children make mistakes, they will correct them more gently and when they ask for support, they will receive an unconditional, sincere and more adult opinion. An aunt will leave the final decision in her hands more easily than a mother because she does not receive as much pressure. The combination of both influences is really the benefit of being loved in a different but just as beautiful way. How lucky that children can enjoy so much and so different love.

It will be a reference of the childhood of the parents

Nobody like an aunt to tell your son how you were little, what you liked, why you got angry and how you played. Your weaknesses, anecdotes and secrets will be transmitted first-hand by someone who really cares about you and with all the love you deserve. Your child will learn to love you in a different way than you ever imagined. Suddenly you are not old, you are small again and you do the same things as him. What fun!

It will bring other interests closer to your children

Hobbies, hobbies, jobs, ways of thinking … A whole world of possibilities opens up before your child’s eyes. Naturally, a full life of tastes that do not have to be those of mom and dad will be close by, but that can stimulate and teach you many things. In addition, the aunt will share her vision of the world with delight and with all the love and patience that is necessary.

Let’s not forget that the lack of responsibility in education as a general rule makes aunts much more patient and, above all, that they value the time they have to spend, play, chat and enjoy themselves with their nephews. Dads are stressed sometimes and it’s great to be able to delegate to someone who loves our children so much.

Great, I think I’m the luckiest aunt in the world.

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Great reflection in which I would include the UNCLEARS without hesitation.

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I love this tip, so that moms realize that uncles do not spoil, that we are the best friends for our beloved nephews that we love so much.

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