How to instill the positive value of Christmas in children

It is difficult to find a person who adopts an attitude of indifference to the approach of Christmas. The most common is that feelings related to attraction or rejection are aroused … or perhaps both depending on the moment, but not apathy and indifference.

This cascade of feelings and psychological tendencies can be observed simultaneously in the small environment of the family. For children, in general, Christmas is equivalent to holidays, parties, colored lights in the streets, the Nativity Scene, the Three Wise Men, being with the elderly until late at night, delicious meals … and gifts and toys, more and more numerous, more expensive and much less valued than before. And especially in this sense, it would be convenient to make a personal reflection on what we really want to achieve with these gifts and what we certainly obtain from children.

It is not uncommon to see families that, because Christmas Eve is spent at the home of some parents and New Year’s Eve at the home of others, children end up receiving gifts from different places and in almost astronomical quantities. Of course, the children are delighted, and the truth is that partly the parents too, but seeing their happy faces and how nervously they tear wrapping papers of all colors and open boxes of all sizes and shapes. But, once opened and the initial excitement has passed … do they really appreciate all those gifts later?

Perhaps it would be good if children could understand that gifts are the result of a merit , of a positive behavior that should be constant throughout the year, especially with regard to the people around them, and that, consequently, they appreciate how much they receive in your hands on Christmas days.

Bittersweet feelings at Christmas, how to stop them

The feelings are more on the surface than ever at this time sometimes, and remembering and missing those who are no longer there is a constant feeling at Christmas, and that is very hard. Remember those Christmas Eve with your grandfather sitting in front of the fireplace and telling his stories as a young man, or remember the smell of the fire or the taste of the nougat from before … or, what is the same, those Christmases that will not return, is something that happens to many people, especially adults, and can make the desire to celebrate disappear completely.

However, it is important to reflect and accept the course of life as it is , and dedicate Christmas (for all those who celebrate it) to reinforcing those positive family ties and unity, which do not have to be closed by absence and loss. but the other way around.

Children will not be influenced by the restlessness and concern that these situations can suppose for a person, and they will receive the message that together everything is lived and passed better. And that, without a doubt, is one of the best values that can be instilled on the occasion of the upcoming Christmas holidays.

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