Among the many things that we think about for the education of our children, is the participation in English courses that help them to be bilingual professionals in a simple and easy way tomorrow, taking into account that an early age is always the right time to acquire a second language.

Competition in today’s world brings us closer to a position of utmost importance regarding the education of children, and in that sense there are recommendations to bring children closer to the world of English courses and to the learning of this language so valuable for their future.



How to help children learn English?


  • The first thing to keep in mind is that children can acquire this second language in the way they have learned all the knowledge, that is, with games. Therefore, when you are looking for English courses, check the methodology to be applied in the lessons since only then will you ensure that it is an excellent option.
  • The manner of teaching is important, and not every teacher has the gift of dealing with young children. That’s why the platform brings both together. It is an online platform that follows proven processes and has certified educators for responsible teaching of a second language.
  • At the same time, do not forget that English courses must be adapted to the student , and not as happens in many institutions, in which children are divided into groups in which they are sometimes forced to advance very quickly or vice versa. Delaying learning to go hand in hand with the rest of the participants is never advisable for effective learning.


cursos inglés niños



A personalized teaching is possible in Preply’s English courses , where the child will be evaluated for their previous knowledge and, in addition, will advance according to their own process.

But not only the hours of study in English courses on, for example, can be key to the advancement of a child when it comes to learning English , so it is recommended that parents and family members dedicate a few hours to talk with the kids about the new language.

In the case of children from 2 to 4 years old who are beginning to speak, scholars advise that it should always be the same person who does it, to ensure that the knowledge of English is not mixed with the native language. In this sense, families where one of the members is a foreigner or has a good command of the language, will always be an advantage.

In any case, all children are candidates to learn a new language through courses, watching music videos, or participating in English games, as these are only part of the many options that exist to advance along the way. to handle a second language and make it affordable and viable for anyone who wants to learn.

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