Play is an ideal mechanism to promote the development of memory in the little ones. These games can be adapted to daily routines and to those habits that children gradually acquire and learn. Daily habits are essential for the physical and mental development of the little ones and provide them with security.

When children approach two years of age, they themselves begin to use the game for their own stimulation, associating concepts and ideas and internalizing all the information they receive and that the game contributes to them. But how can we help to promote their abilities and specifically the development of memory?


The importance of language and communication

Communication with a young child is always beneficial, so it is important that this is done since the children are newborns , and that it is done correctly, using language as it is and not with diminutives or infantilized transformations, as it may be called tete a pacifier or Pocholate to chocolate. This is not to say that reservations cannot be made at times, but by no means should this more infantilized way of speaking become the norm.

And is that language is also essential for the development of memory, so much attention should be paid to the way we use it and how we can adapt it to games with which to capture the attention of the little ones.


Games to remember and enjoy

Here we show you a series of highly recommended games to exercise memory with the little ones.

  • The power of memory and colors. Make cards and paint brightly colored pairs. Then turn them over and discover them to your little one until he can match all of them. The game can be expanded, with more and more couples, as the boy or girl grows and understands.
  • Hide the dolls. Use some of your child’s dolls and hide them in a simple and reachable place. You can also allow the little one to see where you are going so that they can look for it more easily and feel an active and full part of the game. You can approach the game as if it were the super hero (the boy or the girl), rescue of the evil dragon / ogre / monster etc., to his dolls.
  • Where are mommy? This is a very simple game, but its extreme simplicity does not detract a bit of fun from the little ones, who always enjoy it in the early stages of childhood. Play with him, as he grows and becomes aware of the family, to guess where the grandfather, grandmother, dad are … It is not about hiding physically, but about hiding with gestures so that the little one can identify and enjoy the same time, as well as understanding that it is a joke and a game. When he guesses where everyone is, applaud or surprise him, so that he realizes how important his progress is.
  • Each thing with its name . He plays at asking what each and every one of his everyday objects or toys are called, since in this way, in addition to acquiring vocabulary, the child will learn to recognize, identify and correctly name everything around him.

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