How to improve reading comprehension in children

Reading comprehension is called the ability of human beings to understand what we are reading based on a text, both in a group of words and in the text as a whole.

Some reports show alarming data regarding the reading comprehension of Europeans in general, and of Spaniards in particular, which leads us to seek solutions to improve the reading comprehension of both our children and those of us who are already adults.

In order to work on this, strategies have been studied with which to create reading techniques for children and adults that lead us to promote habits and make this activity more enjoyable, since the best way to improve the understanding of what is read, it can only be one way: reading more.

We all like to read

Although there are people who openly say that reading is not one of their hobbies, the truth is that this is not entirely true. With reading happens as with food, there are dishes that we like more and that we never tire of repeating, and others with which the simple idea of being put in front of us can get to stir us up.

Before considering how to improve reading comprehension, we will have to find the type of reading that we like . If we think that we do not like to read, it is probably because we have not yet found the style of reading that we really like. What we have to do, either for ourselves or for the children, is to keep trying until we find the reading that we find enjoyable .

técnicas de lectura para niños


Quantity vs. Quality

Comprehension is often confused with reading speed. The truth is that when a reading is enjoyable, as a general rule we usually read faster and enjoy it more than if we find it difficult to understand it or it simply bores us. However, reading quickly does not mean that we understand what we are reading.

The ideal way to improve reading comprehension is to start with simple readings that do not cost us too much to understand, and the same happens if we look for reading techniques for children. For example, if a child has a predilection for comics, this can be an excellent way to get him to promote his reading habit. From there it would be good to start with other types of readings, at first lighter and easier to understand, and little by little to incorporate other types of texts that are more complex but made just as enjoyable. Many children who started out by reading comics as children have grown into adults with excellent reading speed and comprehension.

That is not an obligation

One of the problems that have led us to lose reading ability is that educational programs have focused in recent years on children reading books that are not attractive at all. This has led them to do it out of obligation and to grow up with the idea that reading is something tedious that they can get rid of as adults. For this reason, today it is important that both parents and educators draw up a joint action plan with which reading is enjoyable in class and at home, and that it also forms an integral part of their games and leisure time. Doing so may reverse the trend, and in a few years we will not be seeking strategies around how to improve reading comprehension. At least, we hope so.

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