Our friends the Eskimos

The Eskimos are a people that inhabit the North Pole. They tend to travel on sleds pulled by huskies, very resistant to cold.

Ice houses

The Eskimos are the best known inhabitants of the North Pole. Now there are very few Eskimos. In other times they all lived in round houses built with blocks of ice: igloos. Thanks to the thick walls of ice, they were very well protected from the terrible cold outside. Eskimos still build igloos, but they often live in Western-style houses.

The anorak

Did you know that the corner men were the ones who invented the anorak to protect themselves from the cold? They also invented the kayak.

Good hunters

Eskimos hunt seals, bears, and caribou. They are also very good fishermen. In spring they dig holes in the ice and catch some fish called farras, which is a variety of salmon.



Inuit: The Eskimos call themselves by the name of Inuit, which means “the true people.”


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