Being a mother is equivalent to having two and a half jobs, according to a study

According to a study carried out in the United States by a food company, Welch’s, regarding women who work outside the home and with children between 5 and 12 years old , we know that many women continue to remain active after returning home from work , adding a total of working hours per week that is between 98 and 100 hours per week.

If we take into account that a weekly workday is approximately 39 hours, this is equivalent to 2 and a half jobs , which means a paid workday and a day and a half without economic remuneration of any kind.


Could this study have fallen short?

A mother’s work begins very early in the morning around 7/8 am. Prepare children for school, breakfast, school clothes, sometimes take them … Then, after all this, the woman must be ready to go to her paid job, from which she must leave before the children leave the school. school to be able to pick them up on time. After this, and after getting home, making dinner, bathing the children, giving them dinner and getting them ready for sleep… they may have already arrived at 10 at night or maybe more.

Of course, these variants can change from one situation to another and from one woman to another, but according to the women who were included in the study, it seems to be clear that dividing the tasks at home and in the couple is something necessary and on what much awareness is still missing.

As if that were not enough, to this reality it is necessary to add the hours of the weekend, since it is usually the time used to wash, iron, do homework, go to the supermarket or any other pending task that there has not been time to do. during the week.

In short, the study seems to make it clear that a mother needs to be on call all day and night , and whether it is an emergency or not or whether it is a holiday or a work day. Even, it is possible that the study has actually fallen short with respect to the hours of work per day that a woman usually has and especially when she is a mother.

A mother who works outside and within the home can be a stressed mother who needs time to relax . Weekly relaxation translates into a higher quality of life and time with children and not with daily tasks. Seeking the help of other professionals in the education and care of children is something that should be taken into account, as well as the equitable distribution of the obligations that a couple carries as parents, in equal parts.

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