Five tips to capture the attention of your students

Every teacher is always frustrated when he observes that his students do not show interest in his classes, having a total lack of attention. Therefore, in this article, we want to offer a series of tips and guidelines so that you can capture the interest of your students, awakening their desire to learn and continue listening quickly and easily.

Five tips to pique your students’ interest

  • Choose new teaching methodologies. If you want to gain their attention, you must leave the classic method of being the whole class counting the syllabus without the participation of the students. Learning based on collaborative work through problem solving and simple questions to make them reflect and think, will give them a boost to their curiosity to follow the thread of the explanations.
  • Apply the knowledge to your everyday life. Topics that can be connected and interpolated with the knowledge they have in their everyday life will be easier for them to understand and understand. Do not hesitate to apply the teachings to their world so that they can see that all the knowledge they acquire can be of use to them in the future. For example, we can teach math from fun facts about how it can be applied in nature and in the geometric shapes of many natural elements.
  • Do activities with games. Playing is the best method of learning and motivation for children, since it brings them fun at the same time. Playing games in class will always bring freshness to the syllabi and they will be much more attractive to your students.
  • The use of ICT. At present there are thousands of educational resources that we can download for free on the web. In addition, we can support the syllabi with audiovisual media, showing videos or interactive presentations to students to capture their interest.
  • Appeal to multiple intelligences. Many times we do not realize that each student is a different world and that their motivation and lack of interest may be due to the different capacities they may have individually. On other occasions, we have talked about multiple intelligences , and it is important to adapt each syllabus a bit to the needs of students and the type of learning system they need to better understand the syllabi. Feel free to use different resources such as theatrical performances, songs, card games or any other method that occurs to you and that is comfortable for them to learn.

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