9 essential movies to enjoy with the family in summer

Enjoy the summer with these 9 movies for children

Nowadays it is difficult to find films that children have not already seen , because we live in the era of immediacy and we are preparing to go to the cinema before the film is released. However, there are family films that do not go out of style and it is possible that your children will miss one.

Take the opportunity to organize a family movie afternoon a week . Prepare the popcorn, sweets and the most comfortable chair. Then you can comment on what you liked the most, what you liked the least … and each one choose a character and explain why you chose him. It is an excellent opportunity to share a good time and have fun.

These are our recommended movies to enjoy the summer together. Take note!

  1. The goonies

Essential adventure story that, for many years that pass, remains current. The experiences of a group of boys who try to save their house so as not to have to be separated lead to a hilarious and exciting chase that will make the little ones in the house happy. And also to the elderly!

  1. The prodigious chip

A journey through the interior of the body is the plot of an entertaining comedy full of comic moments. A true family classic that will make you spend an unforgettable afternoon.

  1. The iron Giant

If you have not seen this movie, do not miss the opportunity to feel the tenderness of this story and share it with your children. You will love it.

  1. Babe, the brave little pig

Beautiful plot in which some animals become the protagonists of a feat, that of the pig Babe, who willingly achieves his goal. Wonderful to see and to instill the love of animals.

  1. Where the monsters live

Based on the book of the same name, this beautiful story takes us to a fantasy world populated by monsters that accompany Max, the child protagonist.

  1. Carlota’s web

A very emotional film also based on a book highly recommended for the little ones in the house. The animals are once again the protagonists and will reach the hearts of all the members of the house.  

  1. ET the alien

The excitement of living with ET and Elliot on their terrestrial journey could not be absent. Chases, anecdotes and a fight against time to save the most touching alien we have ever met. Let’s prepare the tissues one more time.

  1. Dark glass

Unclassifiable work of art created by Jim Henson, the creator of The Muppets. Overflowing fantasy that immerses us in a world of unique and special characters that we will never forget.

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