Yes, children can learn, like older adults, to be mentally strong and positive, but to achieve this it is necessary that they help them manage certain skills such as resilience or self-confidence , as well as strengthen their self-esteem. And this is very important, because a child who is mentally strong is a child prepared to face the challenges that arise at any age, a child who will become more and more responsible for his actions and who will learn to set goals according to his age.



In short, children capable of believing in themselves and in their abilities, which is undoubtedly very important to develop well in life and function safely through it. Therefore, in this sense, and to help the little ones to become mentally stronger , we have prepared this article that includes some keys to mental development and positivity.



Keys to developing a strong and positive mind


  • Educate in the ability to solve problems

Every time children have a problem, it will be an excellent opportunity to help them solve them and to also learn to control their emotions instead of repressing them. Of course, keep in mind that it is not a good idea to solve these problems or setbacks, but to guide them so that they can be able to do it themselves and continue. In this way, the little ones will learn little by little to develop the ability to face things, instead of avoiding the problems of life, which will undoubtedly arise.


  • Not avoiding the mistakes of the children

Children, like adults, will always make mistakes, and that is something normal that should not be pointed out or reproached. Instead, worry that your child learns the valuable lessons from their mistakes , since only in this way will each mistake be worthwhile and a lesson and a nice lesson will have been drawn from them. If you prevent them from making mistakes because you believe that you can do better, then your children will simply end up going through life without the possibility of making and learning from their own mistakes. Also remember that you will not always be accompanying and protecting that child, and that they may end up growing up without the right tools and without having properly prepared to face problems , which will be very frustrating in their life. Therefore, the best help you can give now is to be there when he makes his mistakes and guide him so that he learns not to hide and to try to amend and put solutions.


  • Avoid humiliating the little ones

It is almost impossible to have a mentally healthy child if you are constantly humiliating him or pointing out every mistake he makes. Like overprotection, it is not a good idea to be pessimistic or strict about the mistakes that the little ones make , among other things because we are not free from them either. If most of the time you doubt his good results, then you will be leading that child to failure, because you will make him doubt his own qualities, which unquestionably results in a complete lack of self-esteem.



  • Help children fight their fears

Don’t belittle children’s fears, but don’t magnify them either. The important thing is that a young child understands their fears and faces them, putting themselves face to face in life instead of profile. It is useless to hide what has happened, because sooner or later it will come to light without having been resolved at the time and it can be worse. As a father or mother, accompany him to realize that his fears do not have solid foundations and that facing them is the solution to end them. If you feel that you cannot help him, or the problems are serious, then do not hesitate to visit a psychologist so that together you can work and find the best possible solution.


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