A snowfield is a hard plate of snow .

How long does the snow last!

At the end of summer, in the high mountains, there may be plates of “eternal snows”. Over time, these never-disappearing snows slowly pile up. The weight causes the flakes to weld together , and the snow hardens. This compressed plate is called a snowfield.

Freezing snow

When the snow accumulates, the snowfield becomes very thick. Year after year, the piled snow is becoming more compact and hard. Then it turns into ice . The snowfield thus becomes a glacier.

Made up snow

It is rare to find a completely white snowfield. The wind is responsible for changing its appearance : it carries dust that sticks to the snow, coloring it slightly. As the snow on the snowfield never melts, it takes on the color of the surrounding lands: gray, blue, pink, etc.


Welding: The elements are welded making them stick together strongly until they form a single object or thing.

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