Few teachings can mark so much in life as the importance of constant and honest work , that which as a father or mother you take charge of exemplifying every day. However, sometimes we have the feeling that this message is sent in a contradictory way to the little ones, as for example occurs with fairy tales, which seem to send the message that you can go far depending solely and exclusively on the children. others or because the right to do so has been inherited.

This does not mean that the stories are harmful, but that they are part of fantasy and that they should not be true or exact examples of behaviors in life, as they are magical stories and are not part of reality. And it is that this reality shows us that to obtain something it is necessary to work for it, and things like effort and tenacity are what make possible the fact that we can achieve things or situations with our own effort.

But, how to teach this premise to the smallest of the house? You are aware that your parents were able to instill it in you but, given the times, you doubt your ability to do it in the same way with your children. Actually, the key to achieving this is to act in life according to those values or actions that we want to transmit , but if you still have doubts, do not miss the following simple keys to put into practice.


Encouraging good habits at home

Teaching the value of things and work is the easiest way to foster good, long-lasting habits of responsibility and commitment at home, and a good way to do this is by assigning small, age-appropriate tasks of the kids. The key to success will be to grant small tasks and responsibilities appropriate to their age and remember that it is not about doing tasks themselves, but that children are aware that it is important to collaborate as a team, help others and be responsible for their own small plots. The earlier small responsibilities are assigned, the easier it will be for children to take on more over time and do it on their own.


Work helps and dignifies us

Working we acquire many qualities that make us better , and in turn our work can also positively influence others. That is why example is essential, because after all children learn from what they see in their elders, so it is necessary that if you want to convey the message that working is positive and dignifying, you are a true example of that message. with yours.

We are aware that doing so can be difficult, but to start you can follow these simple steps that will surely help you in this important task.

  • Do not give everything or at all times . The first basis to instill in children the value of work begins by not giving them everything they ask for, since that will be the best way for them to understand that things require an effort to get them.
  • Respect their times . Although the children are small, we can instill in them simple things such as punctuality, which is so important when starting and finishing the tasks or responsibilities that we have or have proposed. Set hours at home to play, eat or do homework.
  • Explain and teach the concept of work. Instilling the importance of effort and struggle is essential, so that to achieve this you must eliminate from your day-to-day things such as laziness, leaving things half-done, or poor or bad disposition, as well as discouragement, at the same time. It’s time to work.
  • Set an example . If your purpose is to teach your children that work is a good thing, it will do you no good if you later deny it or show negative about the new arrival of Monday. Never forget that your little ones pay attention to everything you do.

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