To all mothers, surely they shiver when they hear the word “crafts”, since they imagine the house full of glue, papers and many things that children use to make their works of art. Calm !, we teach you an entertaining, clean and inexpensive way to make beautiful crafts with your children.

Pay attention and take note of what comes next:


Origami or Origami

This technique consists of taking a piece of paper, folding it and making folds to achieve a desired shape. Generally, animals are the shapes that children like the most, although elements such as stars, flowers and hearts to decorate their bedroom or the Christmas tree are also their preferences. Origami as you may have noticed is a fun, creative, inexpensive art as well as very clean. Try it and you will see how entertaining it is!


It consists of cutting out pieces of paper of different shapes and colors to form a drawing, which may or may not be drawn with a pencil, or to do it in an abstract way so that the papers are glued until they achieve a desired shape . If you want to add some variation and entertainment to this technique, you can do it by making paper balls, triangles, squares or paper with different textures; better yet, if you want you can mix some of them, you just have to use your imagination!

The comics

If you prefer or if your child is an expert in drawing, you can motivate him to create a story and make a comic together . You just have to divide a piece of cardboard into squares, to be able to form vignettes and then begin to write and draw the plot and the images of the story. It is very important not to forget the names and personal characteristics of each character , because both elements must be repeated every time the character appears. Color it in and give it to your family and friends, they will surely have to do the second part of the story!


For this form of expression, we propose two elements that you can build with cardboard, scissors and colored pencils, “ the masks and the puppets ”. Through the internet, you can get the mask mold of your child’s favorite character, but it is also beneficial if you try to draw it together . To make the puppets you need the same elements, the difference is that in addition to the head, they must also draw the rest of the body, which obviously must be small to be able to place it in your hand and transport it around the stage or they can also place some skewers or small wooden pallets to handle it comfortably . Finally, look for a surface that can serve as a stage and to present the play!

You must not forget that the most important thing is that your child has fun during the process of any technique you want to use!

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