Childhood obesity is an issue that worries more every day, as the figures seem to continue to increase. The World Health Organization has revealed data that indicates that there are more than one billion overweight adults and within them 300 million obese, and this is something that also affects children, unfortunately.

The growth of these statistics is due, in part, to the change in habits that the society in which we live today has experienced , and this refers to parents who work longer than they would like, to children who are fed fast food to get out of trouble… and to the difficulty we sometimes have to say NO to them because we feel guilty about that little time that we often spend at home.

When a child is obese, there is a high chance that he will become an obese adult in the future . Sedentary lifestyle, due to the increased hours that this type of children tend to spend in front of television or video games, also causes health to suffer even more, aggravating the symptoms of excess weight and impairing mobility and proper development of the body. Body. These are enough reasons to be aware as adults of the importance of a good diet from the moment we are born, and of the need to be responsible for taking care of our body.


What are the risks of obesity and being overweight in children?

The problem of being overweight, as we have seen, is no longer something only for adults. Children are increasingly affected by said excess weight and by the dreaded monster of obesity, a disease that significantly impairs the development of the smallest who suffer from it and which we should defeat as soon as possible.

Overweight and obesity indicate that a person is at or well above the ideal weight that would correspond to them, according to measurements and age. When that excess weight exceeds the appropriate weight by 20% or more, we speak of obesity. In any case, both disorders should be combated and suppressed as far as possible.

But this is not easy, and the perception of excess weight has changed a lot over the years. For example, decades ago, when excess weight was seen in children it was associated with the health and good condition of the body, however, this idea has changed and now we are aware that it can be dangerous for health . Likewise, the widespread belief that a young child who is overweight will sooner or later lose it is not true, and therefore it is necessary to acquire good eating habits as soon as possible and banish topics and baseless beliefs.

Most common consequences

The most common consequences of obesity in children are cardiovascular disease , skeletal disorders or high blood pressure , among other aspects that can affect the health of children. These types of consequences and diseases are progressive, therefore, the younger the age of the person who presents them, the greater the risk of suffering a health complication throughout life. In this sense, medical specialists indicate that having a child who suffers from obesity is not a trivial matter and a faceted parents should seriously reflect on it and rethink their lifestyle habits. Let’s not forget that obesity, in addition to causing physical and health problems, can also cause serious psychological and self-esteem problems .

Going to nutritionists or consulting all our doubts with medical professionals can be a first step in learning about healthy habits and improving the health of those we love so much. Likewise, motivating the practice of sport and incorporating it into the daily lives of families can be an excellent ally to end overweight and the dreaded sedentary lifestyle.

And it is not about cosmetic or superficial issues, but about the health of those little people who depend on us, the children of today and the adults of tomorrow.

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