Puppets as an educational resource for children

Since before television and cinema existed, marionettes or puppets have existed as an instrument to tell stories to the little ones. They do not go out of style and as an educational resource they have no competition . Attentive to the reasons why we should use them as a pedagogical tool whether at home, at school or going to see a theater function that is programmed in our city.

They educate in values

In general, the stories that the puppets represent always have a moral and usually transmit positive messages to children, such as kindness, generosity or the value of friendship.  

They stimulate creativity and imagination

It is very good that children play to represent the story because they greatly develop their creative capacity, both when making the puppets, or the decoration, and when representing the story giving the necessary nuances to the characters.

Improve empathy

As a general rule, the child identifies with a character and takes sides, realizing the consequences of the actions and how they affect other people.

They teach playing

They expand vocabulary and use logic and memory, in addition to favoring the child’s understanding, since there is usually an interaction with the puppets and they have to make an effort to understand the story and the development to be able to make decisions and “talk” with the character .

Stimulate attention

Here it is not worth the mistake, in a puppet theater you have to be attentive and not miss a detail. The action is never the same and requires the child’s concentration to continue, so they always manage to entertain and have a good time. This ability they have to get the child’s attention is perfect for those with behavior problems and attention deficits.

They help fight shyness

By promoting verbal and non-verbal communication, they are ideal for the most withdrawn children to relax and participate, feeling they are part of something very beautiful. They help them express emotions and release tension.

For all this and more, puppets are great, and if our children do not yet know the world of puppets, let’s not waste time to show them. As soon as there is a function nearby, let’s go with them and enjoy it too. And if we also want to do it from home, we invite you to get to know our animation project for reading “The Wise Tree”, which was born with all the enthusiasm and affection we have for our little ones. With the ingenuity and imagination of Almudena Orellana we send you some original stories that The Wise Tree tells , bringing the magic of a good story to children from our YouTube channel.

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