Many parents question, more and more frequently, everything that teachers propose to improve their classes or, even, regulations of the schools themselves. But has this always been the case?

Years ago, when we were little, many of us were instilled in our parents that the figure of the teacher should not be questioned , since he was a professional person in his field and he always tried to do his best so that his students could progress properly. But today those words seem to have been lost from our memory and the symbiosis between parents and teachers has gradually faded, highlighting the teachings and the way of acting of the teacher on the part of many parents, and overlapping the children’s words and actions above all else, even when they are wrong.

There are cases where getting a poor grade from students is reason enough for parents to think that teachers do not teach their children adequately , without taking into account other factors such as the hours that children spend studying, do their homework … or the time they have dedicated themselves to help their children with any questions or difficulties they may have.



The case of WhatsApp groups for parents

Added to all this, one of the most serious problems faced by teachers today is the WhatsApp groups of parents, where the dynamics that are taught in classes are often interfered with and questioned . And although a priori a WhatsApp group seems innocent, the truth is that it can create problems, such as teachers ending up distancing themselves more and more from parents, something that should not happen since both figures should be able to complement each other for the good of the children .

If we also add to this the fact that many parents prefer not to have authority with their children, giving them all kinds of whims as long as they leave them alone when they return from work and not paying the slightest attention … it seems to be evident that the The landscape that teachers and professors face today has hardened compared to the past.


grupos whatsapp padres



Aggression of some families towards teachers

There are many special cases in which there are children with behavior problems, often being very aggressive towards other people or classmates. In this type of case, the intervention of the school’s own school guidance team is usually required, in order to see what the cause of the behavior is and that it can be explained to the other parents of students, whether they have suffered any aggression or not. .

To be fair, it is true that there are still many parents who are understanding with these types of problems, but there are others who prefer to be opposed or threatened (even attacking when they face any of these situations), either as parents of the child. Conflictive student himself or as parents of other students, showing little solidarity with the problem and a lack of absolute understanding with the school itself.

The importance of talking to the school

There are cases in which there may be a conflict in the family and this is later reflected in the child’s behavior in the classroom. The problem is that for teachers this is like a “black box” by not knowing what are those problems that occur in the background in the history of a child when there are bad grades or bad behaviors.

A simple solution to all this would be to provide certain information to the center or teachers by parents and students, when there is a compromising family situation that may directly affect minors.

It is always better to be safe than sorry

In any case, it is always best to anticipate a conflict with parents before it occurs. It is advisable that the centers send information letters on new regulations that they want to implement so that there is debate and consensus and not quarrels and disagreements.

Teachers often have to make parents reflect on the fact that certain rules are necessary for proper discipline in the classroom, or any other type of educational change that is considered necessary to improve the evolution of students. Parents must respect these decisions, as far as possible, since the teachers and directors of the center are highly qualified people. In this way, children will respect the teachers’ work and will be a model for them as they once were.

Collaboration between parents and teachers will always be necessary and, although it is often an arduous and complicated task, parents must be collaborative and understanding for the good of their children’s future.

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