We have bad news: if your son is in charge of your house and his wishes are orders that are carried out immediately, your son is a tyrant and you are the culprit or at least you have had a lot to do with it.

You may have wanted to give him everything to justify the little time you spend with him, for example, or because you think that happiness is having everything and that’s it. Well no, nothing could be further from happiness.

To be happy is taught, being happy is an attitude towards life in which you value what you have both material and immaterial and you enjoy it. And that must be instilled from a very young age by example: being positive, grateful, seeing that there are people who do not have what we do, and sharing to be even happier by making others feel good. In short, empathizing with other people’s feelings and assuming that a heart hug is worth more than a room full of toys .

It also helps a lot to see the need and human deterioration from very close: visiting hospitalized children, or an elderly person with Alzheimer’s , collaborating in a foundation that helps the homeless … any opportunity in which the minor has to face reality and Knowing that you can alleviate it by helping is good. It is also a great idea to send him camping from a young age so that he learns to value what he has at home and experiences solidarity and teamwork.

If it is the case that you do not see your children as much as you want and therefore you feel guilty, take advantage of the time you see them, instead of complaining or trying to supply it with gifts and the absence of rules . Think that you are a great example for them because you are working to maintain them and that, believe it or not, they see it and they will imitate it later.

Be clear that you are the adult and therefore responsible for establishing rules in your home . Your children need your authority, and we are not talking about an uncompromising figure, but about someone who is dialogue but firm, who guides them and is their reference on the way.

If these tips are late, you still have time to change the way you educate. It may cost a bit more but nothing is impossible with patience and love. If you think it is necessary, do not hesitate for a moment to ask for professional help.

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How are children “tyrants” and what consequences does their behavior bring?

  1. They are aggressive and violent : they throw food on the ground because it is not what they wanted, they insult or even hit, usually the mother, when they are older.
  2. Incapable of feeling empathy : they do not know or do not want to put themselves in the place of the other or have compassion, which makes them insensitive to the suffering of others. It is very difficult for them to feel guilt or remorse about their actions.
  3. They desperately seek attention – not just from their parents, but from their immediate surroundings. Everyone has to be aware of him. You believe or have been led to believe that you are the center of the universe.
  4. They ask to the limit : they want everything and when they get it they are no longer interested.
  5. They are children and then teenagers who are dissatisfied, sad, always angry, with a zero tolerance for frustration : any reason such as disappointment, loss of something, not getting what they wanted or simply boredom, is enough to provoke anger or excessive violence.
  6. They don’t know patience or what it means to wait for a turn . Have we not made them believe that they are the kings or queens of the house and they deserve it all?
  7. They ignore limits and authority , they do not respond to any rules at home, and for the same reason they often have problems at school.


Think twice before giving in to your child’s mindless whims. Educate him in logic and be firm in your principles, the crying will pass and he will thank you for a lifetime.

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