Do you know the infallible rule of the four gifts?

Various studies agree that around 80% of children receive an average of five or more gifts on these dates and, worst of all, that the vast majority receive 10 times more gifts than they need.

What goes through our heads when we saturate our children with gifts that are also neither educational nor entertaining beyond the first week hopefully?

Christmas is the perfect time to indirectly teach them that consumerism is an absurd trap of society and that it is much better to have a little less but that it is valuable and useful for their development. For this the rule of the four gifts has been created, because four successful gifts are enough and it is the right measure for the child to truly enjoy, recognize and be aware of it.

Filling a child with gifts is overstimulating him, making him lose interest and surely end up playing with the box of one of them. Why? Well, because the box has no music or loud colors and on top of that you can do whatever your imagination wants with it. Let’s not forget that most toys today come so well-prepared and over-designed that they leave little room for children’s initiative.

We are going to tell you how the presents of the rule of the four gifts should be to achieve the objective of utility in the development of the little one.

The 4 gift rule

  1. A gift to put on, usually some clothes : shoes, clothes, or else, a backpack, a matching scarf with gloves, or even a quilt of a character that you like for your bed, for example.
  1. A gift related to reading , be it a book or e-book. I personally always opt for a paper book. I think there is enough contact with technology to give up the opportunity to give a story that moves you and that you discover by turning the pages, reading and admiring the illustrations.
  1. Something that they wish above all else to fill their joy. That object that he has been naming for months and wants with all his soul, if it is possible to give it to him, go ahead. It will be the surprise that will thrill you. If we can maintain the uncertainty of not knowing if it will arrive, your happiness will be greater.
  1. An object, whatever you really need. It can be a globe with light, I think all children need that because they are wonderful. Or for example, a very complete box of colored pencils if you like to draw, or a ball if you play sports. Educational games are also welcome. There are more and more craft and alternative toy stores that are fun, cute and very practical.

Do not get carried away by the obsession of buying everything he asks for because surely not even he knows what he really wants. With the advice of the rule of the 4 gifts you will get it right and you will live Christmas in a more calm and grateful way. What do you think of the idea? Tell us!

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