Summer menus ideal for children: 1 full month

Summer menus ideal for children

Summer is a time of rest and a good option for this is to plan the children’s weekly menus, and thus not waste time thinking about combinations of foods that are healthy, inexpensive and palatable for everyone.

We provide you with an idea of a monthly menu in which vegetables, legumes, meat and fish are combined for lunch and dinner. They are suggestions that you can always adapt to the taste of your home. For desserts, alternate pieces of fruit, yogurts, custards, custards and flavored gelatin. It is important to be clear if, when we go out to eat, we are going to leave the children free to choose their food. It would be a good option to take into account their tastes and relax, they too are entitled to their culinary whims! On the other hand, it is hot and an ice cream is craving almost daily. Nothing happens if we consider that, the more natural its preparation, the better and healthier it will be, or that fruit sorbets are also a fairly balanced option.

As a snack for the beach or the countryside, always choose assorted fresh fruit and you will be right. Another important point that we cannot ignore is drink. Avoid sugary sodas as much as possible, and always have fresh water and natural juices on hand. The latter can be introduced at breakfast. Making a different one every day, taking advantage of the seasonal fruit, can be an incentive to try new flavors and get a good supply of vitamins. In addition, we will add cereals or bread, milk or soy milk, eggs, ham, cheese, jam, muffins or pancakes to start the day with energy and enthusiasm.

Week 1

  • Monday: Rice with prawns / Scrambled eggs with asparagus
  • Tuesday: Cream of spinach, beef filet / Spaghetti with tomato and cheese
  • Wednesday: Star soup, ham croquettes / Peas with tomato and sausages
  • Thursday: Black beans with vegetables and potatoes / Tuna empanadas
  • Friday: Gazpacho, grilled fish / Mushroom omelette

Week 2

  • Monday: Paella / Assorted sandwiches
  • Tuesday: Meatballs with vegetables and potatoes / Zucchini cream and cheese omelette
  • Wednesday: Breaded chicken, grilled artichokes / Boiled fish with potatoes
  • Thursday: Chickpea burger with tomato / Battered squid
  • Friday: Noodle Soup, Salmon Croquettes / Macaroni and Cheese

Week 3

  • Monday: Cuban rice / Cauliflower and gratin potato
  • Tuesday: Cream of broccoli and pumpkin, grilled chicken / Scrambled eggs with mushrooms
  • Wednesday: Lentils, breaded fish / Mini tuna and tomato pizzas
  • Thursday: Ribs with mussels / Grilled liver with chips
  • Friday: Spinach puree, mini burgers / Gazpacho, ham omelette

Week 4

  • Monday: Meatballs with rice / Potato omelette with tomato salad
  • Tuesday: Macaroni with prawns / Grilled turkey
  • Wednesday: Alphabet soup, chicken croquettes / Zucchini and carrot cream with anchovies
  • Thursday: Chickpeas with cod / Green salad with beef fillet
  • Friday: Spaghetti carbonara / Couscous with meat

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