Thinking and acting in the way that society deems right can be hard work for some children, as is the case for those with ADHD . Getting through a normal day can be a feat based on sheer endurance for such children, and their brains certainly act peculiarly and thinking and discerning with true clarity can turn out to be somewhat complex.

Sorting thoughts, sequencing actions, forcing the brain to act and work “on the right track” day after day and hour after hour… it’s exhausting. The simple daily routine of getting up, getting dressed, getting ready, and walking out the door on time each morning can amount to running a marathon, and parents of children with ADHD know this well.

Sitting down and concentrating, following the rules, listening to a class without moving, or taking information from the teachers in the traditional and monotonous way, can end up being, in addition to a feat, something very frustrating and demoralizing .


A rhythm of life … harrowing and exhausting

After a tiring day at school, children come home and then have to engage in scheduled after-school activities or homework , forcing their brains to focus even more to fulfill obligations and be able to be at home. bed at the right time to rest and start another day, another day the same, knowing that the next day you will have to get up to do it all over again. So every day, week after week and month after month.

All these tedious routines, in the brain of a child with ADHD , can be interpreted, without fear of exaggeration, with being locked up in a prison, gradually conditioning and souring his character and his way of behaving with others.

The slightest disappointment can cause a lament of real pain and fury in these children. And it is logical, because it must be exhausting trying to understand and make sense of things in a language that is not yours. Act like a square when you are a circle. Be still when your body vibrates with effervescent energy. Being on time for everything when that notion of time is going to a different rhythm in your head. Listen to long explanations when your thoughts jump around almost at the speed of light.


The importance of living happily and freely

Family life can be very complicated when living with a child who suffers from ADHD , and it becomes even harder because society is the way it is and does not adapt to a reality suffered by only “certain people” and not all.

Certainly, as much as the children hurt, the world cannot be changed nor can its linearity be broken, and its educational system is out of date (in most places and centers) based on ancient rhythms that do not favor the development of the brain of the child with ADHD. They still have a lot to improve as well. But as parents we can do a lot for them and because this social and life rhythm does not seriously harm them, such as simplifying things and reducing or eliminating additional work or activity burdens that prevent them from seeing the light.

Look for hours when there are no hours to go outside, enjoy a picnic in the field, or play in the park with other children. Children with ADHD need space and their imagination almost more than any other child, so allow and encourage their freedom so that they never feel imprisoned. Because if these children teach us something, it is the importance of enjoying every minute in life and living with intensity, happiness and freedom.

How nice to read something other than how you can learn and get out of structures. I am the mother of three children and one of them has difficulty in order and is very restless and I also demand from him and many times I wonder how to understand it and this helps me. Thank you

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Thanks for describing the “simple” day to day

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I have a child with ADHD, I try to do my best to support his development, the economic factor has been an impediment because in the educational units that I can afford they reject him because of his condition. And it’s frustrating for parents too. Thank you for your articles, they are very helpful.

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