Games and activities for children: towards creativity and growth

For children, toys are almost always fun, but they are also very important tools that help them learn about themselves and the world around them , which is why play and activities for children are vital for good growth and development. As children play, they learn to solve problems, get along with others, and develop the fine and gross motor skills necessary for growth and learning, which is why play should never be lacking in young lives.

Creative activities are in this sense the most recommended and beneficial, as they offer good entertainment, do not limit the level of playability of children , and can be as simple as drawing, painting, cutting, pasting or modeling. Also, for this reason, large stores such as Prenatal reserve a large space for creative products in their catalog of toys for children . These can help children naturally develop curiosity and fantasy . Allowing children to participate in these types of activities will allow them to develop a love for the creative process, which over time they will be able to apply in all areas of their lives.





Benefits of play and creative activities

Some of the benefits and skills that children can obtain through creative activities are:


  • Intellectual benefits

Even at a young age, creative activities help develop basic math skills like geometry, measurement, or classification. In addition, when it comes to playing and making crafts, children also have to face a series of problems that they will need to solve through concentration and work: if this piece fits or not, if something is short or too long, if the paint drips or not… Resolving all these kinds of concerns helps them learn and develop more and more their creative thinking and logical reasoning.

As children grow, games and crafts require more complex thinking and skills, and many activities will require other levels of understanding as well, such as those related to the basics of physics or chemistry, for example. . That is why activities such as mixing specific colors or creating a mosaic pattern may seem like creative activities a priori, but the truth is that without an intellectual component these activities would not be complete and this can become a very interesting challenge full of stimulation for the little ones.


  • Physical benefits

Many toys and crafts also help develop gross and fine motor skills in young children , which also helps them prepare to write or initiate other learning they will need once they are immersed in school life. In turn, games that involve a significant level of activity and movement help to develop the psychomotor system of children , improve their level of coordination and socialization and have an undeniable impact on the development of their sensory capacities, and are also ideal for practicing outdoors, which is the best space to play, socialize and learn in childhood.


  • Emotional and social benefits

It’s no secret that creative games and activities provide a positive pathway for the expression and manifestation of emotions in children , which can happen even at a very young age. So as children grow, engaging in activities and engaging in appropriate games and crafts can provide a safe and positive way for them to successfully engage with the world around them. And, in addition to being entertained, toys and creative activities are used for children to interact with each other and to imagine, create and dream freely, as well as express and express their emotions with complete confidence and tranquility, and that is why it is It is so important to dedicate quality daily time to leisure and game time.




  • Communication skills

Creative play is also a great way to develop communication skills . When children engage with toys and materials, they create much more complex communication systems, which at the same time leads them to learn more vocabulary and to enhance and develop their imagination to the fullest. It also allows them to be more aware of what they have around them and how social relationships are built, for which the practice of simulation games, such as playing kitchen or dressing up, is very important.

Another advantage is that promoting creativity in the little ones does not have to be expensive, since there are hundreds of things that can be used and recycled, so there are no excuses to enjoy and get children to learn in a playful way . Some basic materials can be colored pencils, sponges, stamps, brushes, scissors, glue, plasticine … elements that should never be missing in a basic resource box to play and create without stopping.

But above all else, even above the basic materials, the most important thing is to allow children enough space and time to be creative and think and imagine at their free will. Dirt and disorder don’t matter, because what it is about is that children can feel good doing productive and instructive things, capable of helping them develop intellectually, physically and socially. Play in childhood, in short, is joy and life.




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