Have you ever wondered how many times we take into account the opinion of our children? In most cases we think directly that they are too young to know what is good for them and yet there are a lot of things that children have their own judgment already formed. Making a child a future adult with the capacity to make decisions correctly is a job that must start from a very young age. In addition, the benefits of the fact that parents allow their children to have an opinion on aspects for which they are already trained are many and very important:


  • Children prepare to be independent beings with their own criteria .
  • Making decisions makes your self-esteem grow and strengthen.
  • They learn to listen to, value and respect the different ways of thinking of others.
  • Deciding encourages your sense of responsibility.
  • They understand that you can’t always have everything and that you have to choose.
  • They learn that there are times when we all have the right to make our voice and vote heard .


opinión de los niños


Of course, children are not prepared to comment on all the issues that affect them, so it is important that you clearly differentiate as a parent that there are positions that do not allow discussion, from not crossing the street alone or leaving at a convenient time to his age to bed, even being affectionate with grandparents or kind to others. However, there are other things in which you can perhaps be less rigid and that can help the little ones to achieve all those benefits described above.

We talk about everyday issues and situations, such as whether or not to go to the park for a little while each day . It is absolutely true that we must promote the socialization of the little ones, as well as the fact that they can enjoy and play outdoors, but it is also true that not all children are the same and that there are others, perhaps not the majority, who They would rather play for a little bit alone in their room or snuggle up on the couch with a good book. That is why the opinion of children is so important and not forcing them to do things that they may not want, just because they are good or fashionable.



The importance of freedom for self-reliance

The subject of clothing is another of those subjects. Asking a child for an opinion on what he or she wants to wear will make them feel like one of the happiest beings in the world and a full member of your home and family. The trick so that this does not become crazy every day or that you end up choosing something that does not match at all or that is a costume (something that with children could literally happen) is to give a series of options, such as three, already previously chosen by you. This, in addition to allowing children to participate, will prevent them from going outside in an inappropriate way or from taking forever to choose.

It is not a good idea to force a child to wear something that they do not really like, even though as parents we cannot understand it or understand what problem the clothes in question have, because the truth (and it also happens to adults) is that the one who does not Feeling comfortable with something can affect the development of a whole day and even our way of acting or relating to others . And, after all, what is the point of suffering over a subject as vain as clothing?

Other ideas to help children become self-sufficient people are:


  • Let them choose what they want to eat in a restaurant.
  • Ask them how they prefer to celebrate their birthday.
  • Ask their opinion on the decoration of their room.
  • Let them choose the notebooks at the beginning of the course.
  • Decide between which recommended movies you will see at the cinema.
  • Ask them if they prefer to walk or drive to a certain place.


libertad decisión


These are just a few small examples of things that don’t really matter to us, but that can be a world for them. Although sometimes letting them choose can take more minutes of time or more work, it is good that we make the effort for their good.

Do not forget to guide when making these decisions, but always respect their final choice and their opinion and do not recriminate or overvalue their mistakes, except in cases of force majeure, in which you must reason your negatives. Increasing their little patches of freedom when they make good use of them are attitudes that should be adopted no matter what the cost. The reward, after all, is something as important as the correct formation of our little ones as persons.

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