Christmas represents magical days for the smallest of the house and days in which hundreds of memories emerge for adults. And is that Christmas is a very special date in which quality time is shared with the family in order to recover and keep alive that Christmas spirit that we have maintained since childhood, but that unfortunately we keep hidden during the rest of the year.

Literature is also responsible for sweetening this era and giving it that wonderful magical touch that captivates children and touches adults. The Christmas stories are very numerous and make us dream of the magic of Christmas, with its beautiful details, gifts and special moments. And one of those wonderful moments is that little time of reading that is shared with the little ones on these dates, with tender stories, of Santa Claus, of the Magi … stories full of charm that captivate the little ones but also the most greater.

And with the aim that you can select the best Christmas stories to give away and enjoy those special moments as a family that reading provides, we have prepared the best selection of Christmas stories and legends of all time, modern stories and also fundamental classical to be able to assemble a collection of Christmas stories of the best quality with treasures for a lifetime.

Christmas tales ranging from classic to modern

  • Christmas story . The famous Christmas story by Charles Dickens is one of those classic titles that no home or school worth its salt cannot miss. This book tells the story of a sullen man who hates Christmas, Mr. Scrooge, but thanks to the visit of three very special ghosts he has the opportunity to change his thinking and attitude towards the Christmas holidays. Without a doubt, an incalculable treasure.
  • It’s already Christmas . This book is very special and with an unbeatable price. It is a format full of drop-down and pop-up figures through which the little ones can assemble their own Christmas tree and appreciate its beauty. A book that will capture, without a doubt, the attention of the little ones.
  • Merry Christmas, Peppa . If your children are fans of the Peppa Pig animated series, they will love this book. This is a book in which Peppa and her whole family will share with us her Christmas Eve and her way of celebrating these holidays with some of the most typical and charming traditions, such as making a snowman.
  • Snow dreams. For those parents and educators who are implementing the Montessori method with their children, this is an ideal story. It does not resort to excess fantasy or sentimentality for its own sake. A simple and beautiful book from Kókinos publishing house with music at the end included.
  • The gingerbread man . Also known as the story of Gingerbread Man , it is one of the most traditional and special, that typical story that goes through all the places and corners of the world, changing its language but touching here and there in the same way. The book, which can be found in different formats and publishers, tells the story of a gingerbread cookie that comes to life and how it will have to escape from many characters who will try to eat it. A Christmas story with a fun twist.


And you, do you already have your Christmas stories prepared?

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