From a very young age we observe and learn that life is struggle, effort, work. But they are also rewards, joy, love, laughter, satisfactions, parties and great family moments … In short, happy and pleasant moments are much more numerous than those that are not, and if this is not the case, maybe we should rethinking all our routines and ways of living because, sometimes, in that excess of responsibilities, in that obsession to work and meet professional challenges … our lives are going away, and the bad thing is that the lives of those who so much we want, our children.

They learn from their parents, their uncles, their grandparents, their teachers … they learn from all the older people around them, and they observe our habits, customs and behaviors. In that observation that the child makes, in that peek into the world of adults , he quickly discovers that the important thing is to work and study, and that having fun and having a good time borders on disobedience, luxury and even bad education. This fast-paced life leads us to unwittingly reverse the priorities we should have in life and set ourselves the goal of well-being and happiness. Because time is money and it passes, and it does not make much sense that we invest it solely and exclusively in that idea of working and sharing our time with other people, who have little or nothing to do with our family.

Live and be happy

There is no doubt that it is necessary to instruct children in commitment , education, effort and work, since their lives will depend on it in the future. But stressing about these obligations will not only not lead us to anything good, but with them, we will transfer the stress to those who should only worry about living and being happy, the little ones.

In that brief stage of life in which worries, fears or problems are still minimal, and that as soon as it gets out of hand, it is essential that we instill the importance of having fun and enjoying that important time that life offers us: free and quality time. Resorting to traditional games to achieve this is a sure value, since not only will we be transmitting values and cultural traditions with them, but we will also be making the most of time together and in a fun way.

Those games that we also enjoy and our parents and grandparents did. Games so simple that they allow us to transmit their rules out loud and remember them in the future to transmit them to others. These rules help the kids to be fully aware that the world is governed by certain rules that must be followed, as happens in our day to day.

Recall that traditional games, such as the three in a row, three – online, totito, the noughts and crosses, or cat (different names with which is known the popular game in which a player wins if manages to have the same row on the board, whether horizontal, vertical or diagonal, with their tiles), they help us develop intelligence , creativity and other skills, in a fun and healthy way. A safe bet for childhood and for a productive growth that we must not let fall into oblivion.

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