Reading is very important for learning and for life itself. Reading, as we all know, broadens our sights and allows us to travel even without moving a single foot. But making reading a habit is not always an easy task, since many things such as nervousness, lack of attention, an inadequate reading rhythm or lack of patience, can be barriers that prevent children from feeling too attracted for reading . Fortunately, adults can do a lot about it, getting the little ones to feel attracted by good stories, fascinating stories , adventures … and also getting the little ones to be able to manage their time little by little and enjoy it, either reading on your own or with your family.





Habits to bring children closer to reading

One of the main ways that we, as adults, can teach children to read and love reading is by making it occupy an important space in our homes and in our lives. In this way, children will grow up observing the value of books in their family, and acquiring the necessary interest to approach them. But how can we apply this premise?


  • “Let the books come to me.” It is very important that there are books in a house, so that the children are aware that reading is as important as having a clean house or a full refrigerator. But it is very important that these books are not simple accessories or decorative objects that can hardly be touched or reached . Always try to have a children’s bookcase so that this does not happen, and with a series of selected and affordable books for the age of children. Also, leave some on the dining room table or on the kitchen table and do not be afraid that they will spoil. The important thing is that they are by our side and that we can touch and enjoy them!


  • We have breakfast, we eat … we read. It is important that books surround us, yes, and precisely for this reason it is important that we also know how to incorporate them into our daily rhythm of life and our routines. We can do family readings before bedtime, or after dinner, create special reading corners for all members of the family or enjoy some fun and entertaining reading at bath time. Why not? The idea is that reading is something that children assume as essential , like having breakfast or eating.


  • We enjoyed the library. The library, some bookstores with enabled reading spaces, toy libraries with storytelling … there are many spaces that allow us to enjoy a good story also outside the home, and it is essential to learn how to use them and go to them so that the books are a real part of routine and are also assimilated as another element of leisure and fun when leaving home . Look for spaces with storytellers or curious libraries and bookstores to go as a family!




  • Reading is fun if you know how. It is very important that reading is not associated with something like homework or boring, but quite the opposite. In this sense, to get it right, it is essential to use imagination and creativity . Find ideal stories for each situation, for example, children’s scary stories for when your children are with friends at home , or pirate stories for bath time … or maybe one of extraordinary adventures for bedtime. There are great stories for every occasion and any moment is good!


  • The best gift is a good book . When special dates approach to give gifts, make your children see that the book is one of those that can never be missing. Whether for yourself, for themselves or for other family or friends, it is important that you go with your children for that special gift and that the book is never missing. In this way children, who always seek to imitate their parents, will see that reading is something so important and better than any other gift in the world.


  • Traveling and reading… everything is learning. When we travel we know other worlds, other realities, other cultures … and exactly the same thing happens with books, only that instead of awakening the senses in a practical way, we awaken more the imagination. In any case, if reading or traveling is important, combining it can be something extraordinary , and for this reason it is essential that when you make or plan a trip you never forget to pack a special book. It will leave an indelible memory in the little ones!


  • We invent, we speak and we listen. Sometimes we are too busy and all these tips fall into oblivion and we consider that we cannot find time for them, that the day gives what it gives and that we cannot spend all day promoting reading. And it may be that there is some truth is in those rush that we carry and in that lack of time, but the interest in reading is not only fostered by using physical books , since we can do a lot by reading in other ways as well, such as inventing family stories, or pretending that we are film directors of animated stories … whatever! These types of activities do not have to take a long time and require that dynamism and that improvisation that children enjoy so much. They will enjoy it very much and see that their parents have great and fun ideas!


Which of these ideas do you like the most? Have you already started one to promote a love of reading ?

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