Stories to work through grief and loss with children (Part 2)

This is the second installment of a selection of stories written with the intention of guiding and helping a child cope with a grief, or simply serve as support in resolving doubts, if the child wants to know more about the death and we do not know very well how to approach the subject so that it is clear and as less traumatic as possible.

We hope these precious books will be useful if you ever need them. Along with the five already recommended in another previous article, these complete ten very different stories that are intended to cover most situations that can occur in a moment of loss.

They are texts full of affection that seek to give comfort by looking positively, building from lack and always being honest with the little reader.

Edu, the little wolf , Gregoire Solorareff. Editorial Corimbo

When Edu, a little wolf, and his uncle go hunting, the latter dies unexpectedly and a bunny helps Edu in the trance of burying him. A story that naturally approaches the subject of death in addition to addressing friendship as a lifeline in the most difficult days of life. Magnificent.

Paradise, Bruno Gibert. The four blues

A smart book that is out of the ordinary. Through an interior monologue, a boy who has just lost his grandfather asks himself all the questions that arise at that moment. That personal journey with its times and silences help us all to reach comfort in a subtle and wonderful way. It is a graphic story with an almost poetic symbolism that accepts that there are doubts that we will probably never be able to resolve. A jewel.

‘Old Nana’. Margaret Wild and Ron Brooks. Ekar√© editions

This beautiful story is able to accompany the child in his grief and make possible a natural and necessary farewell. The old Nana, already very ill, organizes her things calmly and begins a walk with her granddaughter to see the wonderful things in life while teaching the reader, almost accidentally, to enjoy the unrepeatable moments that life gives us. lifetime. Truly beautiful.

‘What comes after the thousand?’ Anette Bley. Takatuka

Poetry in this story that tells what happened to Lisa, who shares friendship and fantasy with Otto until he falls ill and dies. Lisa finds it difficult to get used to the idea of his absence and it is Otto’s wife who makes him see that people who are no longer can continue to live in us. We will learn the importance of the company in this moment to communicate and remember. Something fundamental to be able to accept the duel. Comforting

Empty, Anna Llenas. Editorial Barbara Fiore

This story works on how to overcome the void left by different types of losses. That ability to overcome traumatic events known as resilience can be learned through the pages of this lusciously illustrated book as we almost without realizing a sense of adversity. A small work of art.

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