How to create children's stories in just 1 minute

Telling stories to children is something very beautiful and enriching, without a doubt, but sometimes you always end up reading the same stories without being able to find that special magic or without being able to find that “exact” story that your children would like so much. Fortunately, imagination is something that has no limits , and we can all work to enhance it and get the best out of it, even creating stories that can attract and entertain the little ones.




That is why we want to offer you today the opportunity to create your own stories or teach children to make their own , so that there can be variety every day at story time. So, if you are one of those people who thinks you have no imagination or do not already know what to invent, don’t miss this post, in which we will learn about different strategies to create stories in a minute or a little more.

Don’t miss any of the strategies!



Steps to create stories in a minute


  • Combine stories with traditional tales

There are many written stories that you surely know by heart, such as Snow White and the 7 Dwarfs, Aladdin, Beauty and the Beast or Sleeping Beauty. They are classics that we have all heard and even dreamed of. But, what would you tell me if instead of those we make funnier mixes, like “Aladdin and the 7 Dwarfs” or “Snow White and the Beast”? This is a way to create new stories that will not involve too much creativity , it will help you to combine scenarios and plots that you have already heard and seen, and that will amuse the little ones a lot. You yourself will have fun seeing how creative you can be when it comes to making up stories! And in just a few minutes you will have a new story to enjoy with your little ones before going to sleep or enjoying a quiet and peaceful afternoon.


  • Highlight positive values from the bad ones in the story

You can explain different perspectives of each character in the old stories, to highlight values that you want to show your children . For example, Snow White’s wicked witch wanted eternal youth because she had been taught from a young age that people forget and reject as they age. In this sense, we can add to our story that Snow White really had a great fear of not being loved by others. We can also add explicitly or implicitly the idea that we must take great care and respect the elderly , so that they do not feel forgotten or rejected.

A simple story like this can help children hug their grandparents with more affection, if possible, every time they see them.


  • Break the logic of the stories

Children learn with traditional stories a logic that is already established, but you can become a creator of stories by breaking that logic. How about a princess beast, a talking castle or a flying pink elephant?

Your children are not expecting stories of this type and it will be very funny to see all the faces of astonishment that they will make with each story you make up of this type.





  • Make your child the protagonist of the story

Many times we do not know how to explain to our children the reason for their sadness or anger. An excellent idea is to create a story where the child is the protagonist, but changing the name. In this way they will create an immediate empathy with the protagonist of the story , understand his story and compare it with his own situation. This is a way of creating stories to transmit values and educate our little ones about emotions.


The important thing is to be aware that we can all be capable of creating new and original stories , capable of surprising children, and for which it will not even be really necessary to waste on creativity. And if you prefer to be inspired by other stories, do not hesitate to visit our section of stories by original themes that await you every day in the Forest of Fantasies.


Happy stories!


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