The most popular names of 2016

If you are a father or mother, you should not miss this post, and we all know that the moment of choosing the name of our little one when we already know his sex, is one of the most beautiful processes for a couple, but also one of the most stressful . The important thing is to live this process calmly and without headaches, since in addition to being recommended rest and relaxation during the period of pregnancy, something so crucial for the lives of our children as is choosing the name with which they will walk the The rest of his days should be something that motivates us and fills us with desire without setbacks.

Of course, to avoid displeasure, it is advisable not to listen to the opinions of third parties (whether they are friends, grandparents, uncles or nephews) and focus on the consensus and the tastes of the couple. For this reason, it can be productive that when thinking and discussing the name we want for our daughter or son, we do so in the privacy of our home and with the strict company of our partner. It goes without saying that nothing bad will happen if we listen to the opinions of others, those we love the most, but it is important that these opinions do not go any further, perhaps to the point of conditioning us and making us change our minds.

If you are undecided, a common mechanism followed by many parents when choosing names is the fashions and trends in a specific year or period of time. To these fashions are added traditional style names, names of celebrities and their offspring, names of fictional characters … the options can be multiple, but it is important that such a choice cannot lead us to lose our minds, since it depends on us. well-being of our future children and banalities may not be good counselors.

Do not miss our list of female and male names that you will hear a lot during this 2017 . Do you join the fashion?

Most popular girl names

  • Lucy
  • Maria
  • Martina
  • Paula
  • Daniela
  • Sofia
  • Valeria
  • Carla
  • Sara
  • Julia
  • Not
  • Sunrise
  • Emma
  • Claudia
  • Carmen

Most popular boy names

  • Hugo
  • Daniel
  • Paul
  • Alexander
  • Alvaro
  • Adrian
  • David
  • Martin
  • Mario
  • Diego
  • Javier
  • Manuel
  • Luke
  • Nicholas
  • frames

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