In today’s post we want to propose a strategy to work colors through rhyme with the little ones, either in the classroom or in your own home. We have called the strategy “a story in full color”, and it is a very simple dynamic that will require little material or effort.


trabajar colores niños


Color is one of the most enriching themes in education, since it allows us to create a large number of resources, focused on stimulating creativity and other learning processes . In addition, it also allows us to understand our environment, since through it we can classify objects, make patterns, series and even express feelings and emotions.




  • Din-A4 size plastic sleeve.
  • Din-A4 size colored cards.
  • Two white cards.
  • Scissors.
  • Colored markers.



Techniques and themes for working with story envelopes

What beautiful things can be colorful and fun? Perhaps many things, but one of them is undoubtedly the circus, and that is why in this post we want to propose a related activity. Many of you have already been able to see the strategy we carry out (available on our Facebook channel ) of a magical tale based on clowns and the world of the circus , thanks to which we can also enjoy the magic of reading, crafts, rhyme and colors, as well as promoting phonological awareness and oral expression.


materiales sobre cuentos



To develop our stories we will need two white cards: one will be the cover and the other the template. On the cover we will draw something related to the theme we want to work on, which in this case was the circus. In the template we draw the silhouette of a clown, specifically the head. Then we mark and cut the interior of said silhouette to be able to carry out the activity.

Once the previous steps have been carried out, the colored cards should be organized as we go to make the story. In our video of “My clown friends” the order was as follows: yellow, blue, red, green … but the order will only depend on the story we want to create . Once ordered we will introduce them in the plastic envelope. When all the colored cards are placed in the plastic sleeve, on top of them and also inside the plastic envelope, we will have to put the template. Above the template will be the cover.

The tactic consists of taking out the colored cards while we are working on the story and the rhymes. At the end of the video of the clowns we add another similar dynamic based on cats and that can also serve to inspire ideas and different themes . In any case, the technique to be implemented will be the same whether we choose the theme we choose, the only thing that will vary will be the drawing of the template and the rhymes that we want to use.

Finally, we want to add a video with the step by step to follow in this strategy of stories with rhymes to work with colors in the classroom. We have done the step by step following a bit the line of circus and children’s entertainment, and therefore the chosen theme has been colored cotton candy. Ideal for any children’s celebration!



And you, what theme would you follow to make the dynamics of stories in envelopes with rhymes?



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