Children love to play with language, clap, sing and sing… and they are all important ways to approach multiple modalities of learning . Because children learn songs so easily , they are perfect for teaching concepts, vocabulary, values … There are songs to learn the alphabet and letter sounds, the days of the week, the weather, colors, values such as sharing, and just about anything we can imagine. But music is also to dream and to have fun , so any theme adapted to childhood, such as stories or poems, can be a very good basis to make the ideal children’s song, the one that excites children and makes them memorize it and repeat it ad nauseam.

But why is music so appealing and suitable for children?

  • Music is a language, and children are oriented to learn the language that surrounds them .
  • Music evokes movement, and children require movement for their development and growth .
  • Music is a creative experience that involves the expression of feelings . Children often do not have the words to express themselves and need positive ways to release their emotions.
  • Music transmits culture and is an avenue through which songs, rhymes and dances can be transmitted from one generation to another.
  • Music is a social activity that involves family and community participation . Children love to sing and dance at home, at school … at any time and any occasion!

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New in the Forest: HiDino, children’s songs

All the valuable benefits that music brings to children are very important to the Forest of Fantasies , which continues to work to improve and expand the variety of resources for all its followers. That is why we started a new project based on children’s songs and themes for children. A new path that would not be possible without the help and incredible work of Steve Kim and Eduardo García Rascón , among other collaborators, responsible for the HiDino project, songs for children , which today we are pleased to present to you.

HiDino, songs for children, is a company that is dedicated to creating educational and fun songs for the little ones . Its objective is to create children’s songs that not only amuse, but also serve to learn lots of things and to dream beautifully, values on which our Forest grew and that, therefore, we share one hundred percent.

HiDino’s team of kids song experts create songs that are fun and easy to follow, so kids can quickly memorize and follow them . As we all know, the internet is full of accessible content that is not appropriate for children, or that does not add anything of value to them, so it is essential to work in this regard by offering truly powerful and appropriate resources for children.

A quality content in terms of education and entertainment for children that from now on will be part of the Forest’s content (soon you will be able to access its entire repertoire on YouTube from our website), and that will give life to characters much loved by us, as well as themes and songs chosen and / or designed by us in collaboration with the HiDino team, in order to always offer you the best.

Music is a natural part of all of us. Create an atmosphere of fun, interaction and excitement. This is why children are naturally drawn to music . If we encourage this ability, music will provide a lifetime of enjoyment and creativity for our little ones, and hence its incalculable values.

Our Forest continues to grow, and it could not be a dream forest without music.


Congratulations on creating this project. I work in children’s shows and I confirm what they say, the child through music develop skills much faster. I’m just finishing a 10-song album, I’ll share it with you later. Successes !!!

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