Dressing up is one of the funniest things out there. For a while we are in the shoes of a character and we can act like him. Usually kids love it, sometimes it is hard for them the first time but once they do it and share fun with their friends or family they will want to do it forever.

Any excuse is valid to organize a costume party: Carnival, birthdays, end of course, family reunion … Adults can also cheer up and so the children will feel more accompanied if they see that the costumes are ageless.

Today we give you some ideas inspired by children’s stories. The choice is difficult… They are all great!


  1. Alice in Wonderland and the Mad Hatter

Comfortable and very cute: a blue dress that can be made with a very simple pattern, a white apron, white stockings, little black shoes, and a headband. The White Rabbit is also easy, white shirt or t-shirt combined with a dark jacket and pants. The important thing here are the details, like the big red bow tie, the glasses and the bunny ears. Let’s not forget to paint the nose pink, the mustaches and make a clock similar to the one in the photo.

disfraz de alicia en el pais de las maravillas

* Via CharHadas



  1. Peter Pan and Wendy

The Peter Pan costume can be a classic polo or T-shirt with leggings and a hat made of felt, all very green. We complement it with a belt or sash and brown shoes. Wendy will be perfect with a long dress or light blue nightgown tied below the chest and ballerinas.

disfraz de peter pan

* Via Babble


  1. The Wizard of Oz (Dorothy, the Lion, the Tin Man and the Scarecrow)

We give you an idea of how these costumes can be made, but surely you can modify them a bit to suit what you have at home. Remember that the details are the most important thing and what really gives the costume personality: the red shoes in Dorothy’s case and her basket with the stuffed dog, the gray color and the heart of the Tin Man, the makeup of the lion and the hat and the “straw” peeking out of the Scarecrow.


disfraz del mago de oz

* Via bebesymas and mamaenred


  1. Cinderella and Maleficent

Several very nice proposals for you to decide the one that best suits your needs. The age of the child must be taken into account, the smaller the more comfortable the costume should be and the simpler the makeup. If they are a little older, we can do more in detail. And, above all, take into account his tastes since he will be much happier if he chooses what he wants to wear himself, even if we had chosen another character. Let it be 😉

disfraz de cenicienta

* Via CharHadas and elpaisdelostoys


  1. Snow White, Dwarf and Lumberjack

Three fun options in the same story. Get inspired by these images to make the most original costumes, your children will love hanging out with you and participating in the design and elaboration.


disfraz de blancanieves

* Via nosolobebes, mycakies and fiestasycumples


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