It is no secret to anyone that, at times, children can misbehave and in situations that are totally wrong . The important thing is, in any case, that this type of behavior is something specific and does not involve a progressive development of misconduct, even insults, lies, yelling or even aggressiveness also occur.

It is true that we can try to prevent this from happening by learning how to handle child misbehavior early on. In this way, we can prevent misbehavior from ending up in sad and unfortunate habits.



Things to keep in mind as parents and / or educators

  • Clarity in words: when we begin to apply instructions to children, it is not as efficient to say behave well or do not behave badly, as to explain exactly what they can and cannot do in the situation that is being presented. In this other way, we will know how to handle child misbehavior and the child will receive precise instructions that are much more suitable for understanding than open and not very concise sentences that can give rise to interpretive variables.
  • Apply consistency and constancy: If we want to teach our children to control and manage bad behavior , something that we must never forget is that many of the things they do are done because they have learned from elsewhere, being the main mirrors of life in the development of the behavior of the smallest. The coherence of our words, therefore, is essential and must go hand in hand with the constancy of our actions.It is useless to tell them that they should not eat sweets if at the least we grab the chocolate to calm our anxiety, to put a everyday example. And it is that one of the most common mistakes is lying, applied in this case to not leading by example, something fundamental in terms of children’s behavior.
  • Communication and complicity with limits: the family is usually one of the main obstacles when facing the education of children successfully, and it is that grandparents can do just the opposite of what we have considered as ideal to end bad behavior, achieving little or nothing in terms of the necessary coherence in front of the little ones. This, without a doubt, is one of the most difficult points to handle in education, so do not hesitate to clarify to your family members that you are their maximum responsibility and that they must do their part when setting an example and establishing and comply with the rules that have been set or the achievements achieved will end up fading.

What is advisable to do when a child repeatedly has attitudes of bad behavior, being a child of three years, attacks his peers, and the family does not seem to accompany the child in improving his behavior since this bad behavior is increasing every day

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