Recognize a panther

Normally a panther is recognized by its spots. Leopard and cheetah are the names of the panther. The cheetah also has a black stripe under its eyes as if it had cried.

Panther spots

A panther and a cheetah look alike: they are the same size and their fur is spotty. However, the cheetah has a smaller head and an elongated body, made for running. In addition, its spots are black, while those of the panther are dark, outlined in black. In black panthers these silhouettes are sometimes distinguished.

Life in the trees

The panther lives in the savannas and forests of Africa. During the day it dozes, hidden in a cave or high up in a tree. When night falls he goes out hunting. It locates its prey from a tree, jumps on it and returns to eat on a branch.

In the snows of Asia

The African panther has relatives that live in Asia. One of them is the snow panther, which is found in the Himalayan mountains, even up to 5,000 meters high. Its thick gray fur protects it from the cold and it is the rarest of the big cats.



Silhouetting: is circling with a stroke. A silhouetted black spot is a spot surrounded by a black circle.

cómo encontrar un leopardo



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