The important role of uncles in childhood and their roles

Uncles and aunts have a very special role in children’s lives, even though Uncles’ Day does not yet exist and its importance is not recognized socially. The close age with the parents and their family bond, makes most of them act as parents in some important moments in the lives of their nephews.

Uncles can play different roles depending on their age, their occupation and their proximity to the children’s home. These are the roles that uncles normally play in the lives of children. Do you want to know them?


4 common types of uncles in a nephew’s life

  1. The pampering uncle

When uncles are younger than parents, or do not have children, they usually play a very consenting role . They take their nephews to the movies, to watch movies at home, to eat ice cream … etc. On dates like Christmas or birthdays, consenting uncles strive and enjoy being the authors of the best gifts and that exact detail that their nephews are waiting for.

  1. The confident uncle

Uncles are more permissive than parents , and this gives children the confidence to tell them some things that parents would not. Children have many taboo topics as they grow up, but the embarrassment of talking with parents about certain topics can disappear when the figure is the uncle or aunt, which is always a positive thing in the face of the information that a child needs.

  1. The babysitter uncle

And who better to pick up the children at school, take them to after-school classes, or stay with them on weekends so parents can rest too. That is the role that many of them play, especially the model of babysitting uncles . A relief for parents and a great idea for children, which will always add richness to their growth and future childhood memories .

  1. Kangaroo Uncle

The babysitter uncle is the one who takes his nephews everywhere and takes an active part in their upbringing . Normally this model of uncle exercises care that goes beyond his own role, as a consequence of the parents’ jobs and occupations. This model of uncle or aunt, as with grandparents who take care of their grandchildren during their parents’ working hours, is essential in the growth of a child, forming part of their vital development and their education .


Are you lucky that your children have their uncles? If so, don’t avoid this relationship and, on the contrary, do your best to foster it. Do not forget that your children will not displace you at all because of it , and in return they will always remember, and over the years, how happy they were with them and the important role they played in their lives, even when they are gone.

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