Some basic tips and guidelines to find the ideal model for the little ones at home.

Driving safety is paramount, especially when we think of the little ones at home. Approximately 185,000 minors around the world die from a road accident , reminding the world of the importance not only of responsible driving, but also of safe driving.

That makes the eyes focus above all on the smallest of the house, the babies. The DGT has established safety standards that include, among other things, the installation of baby car seats that guarantee their protection during any journey. A logical and clear law, but that does not help to find the best chairs for the little ones.

Finding the best model is not easy, although it is not impossible either. In fact, the search and purchase process can be made extremely simple if you know the key factors to find the most suitable chair. Let’s see what those tips are, what are those essential factors that the perfect baby car seat must have. Thus, finding and buying it will stop being a complication.

In search of the best baby car seat

Every purchase process goes through a preliminary search, and this search can be streamlined if the most important characteristics of each product are known in advance. This, applied to the market for baby car seats, leaves a list of essential factors to consider before buying.

Sizes, materials, brands and even layout once placed . There are several issues that buyers must consider to find the most appropriate option, and the most important are those available below:

Positioning the chair

Both the DGT and the specialists agree. Positioning of the seat is essential to ensure the safety of the baby in the event of a collision. On the web Sillas Contramarcha 10 they highlight the importance of buying countermarcha chairs because they are the safest on the market, and they are not lacking in reason.

When going in the opposite direction to the vehicle’s march, the protection against impact is much greater. Whiplash is reduced and the blow is cushioned much better, resulting in a considerable reduction in damage. It is essential that the model to buy is of this type.

Age and sizes

The age of the baby greatly influences the size of the chair to be purchased. In general, when we talk about babies we are talking about an age period that goes from the first to 15 months of life, so it is enough to buy a seat from group 0 or 0+.

Now, if you are looking for something for somewhat older ages, there are other groups to consider. Children between 9 and 18 kilos should already be seated in a chair in group 1 and, from then on, in a chair in group 2 or 3.

Comfort for baby

It is possible that long journeys will be made, therefore it is very important that the baby seat guarantees maximum comfort . The use of suitable materials, as well as pillows and well-placed backrests, guarantee a correct and comfortable posture at all times.

Something very relevant to avoid possible injuries and, above all, so that the little one always goes well . No matter if it is going to be a long trip or even a short one, safety and comfort must always go hand in hand, especially when it comes to such young children.

Complete adaptation to the vehicle

It is essential to check that the seat model to buy is perfectly compatible with the vehicle . Check if you use the Isofix system in cars or if you use another to fit firmly and ensure safety. Likewise, it is also important to check the manufacturer’s instructions for proper installation.

The importance of using rear-facing chairs has been mentioned previously, and it is essential, but it is also possible that the manufacturer does not recommend using them this way because they are not designed for it. It must be verified that the model in question is suitable for the car in which it will be placed. Otherwise, you will probably have to make a return of the purchase.

They are not complicated guidelines , in fact they are the opposite. When you think about buying a baby chair, the combination of safety and comforts for the little one who will be in it should always be the main maxim. The rest is evaluating options, comparing prices and, of course, taking a look at the main brands on the market.

There are many important firms offering safety seats for travel, models designed for the little ones based on their weight and size, with different grip and fixing systems. The guidelines explained here are the essential basis and the one that guarantees an almost absolute success . The rest is something that remains in the preferences of the buyer.

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