Parents often wonder if it is really important to teach their children the alphabet before they enter school. The truth is that yes, because children are interested in constantly learning new things and, after all, the alphabet is the basis of learning words and language development.

Of course, in preschool there are more important things than learning the alphabet, such as for children to know how to say complete sentences , to express themselves easily and clearly, or to know the meaning of many words. But in no case will it hurt a child to learn the alphabet, so the sooner the better. But what can we do as parents in this regard?

  • Try teaching your child the alphabet . If it costs you a lot, it doesn’t matter, save it for later.
  • Explain the letters, noting that they have names, as it will be an easier and more entertaining way for him or her to learn.
  • Stimulate the child with pictures where the letters appear drawn . With images it will be easier for the child to learn the alphabet.


The role of music in language development

In the development of children, music and songs play a very leading role, because thanks to them a child can learn words and meanings almost effortlessly and having a great time. The little ones can follow the beat of the music with applause or simply by moving their body. That is very important for a child, especially because it will make him feel happy.

So don’t forget to motivate your child to sing at home the songs he learned at school , for example, since it is a fairly simple action that will help him develop and also have fun. Put on music while he is at home and he will develop his language and memory more.

Another thing we can do is teach them new songs so that they can teach them, in turn, to all their friends and colleagues. An action that will help us to extend that musical legacy that our parents bequeathed to us, and also to establish family ties with the little ones, in which other family members can actively participate, such as grandparents.


The wonderful world of poetry

Reading poems to a child is also a great exercise for language development, and to stimulate interest in reading and have fun while learning. With the poems you can increase your intellect, because through verses and rhymes you will learn more words and also their meanings.

Do not hesitate to remember the poems you learned when you were little, so that you can share your own memories with your children. In this way they will be able to learn new sounds and rhymes, which will be very useful when they begin to read.

Finally, motivate the children to recite with you , and thus you will be helping them to develop their skills and have fun in a group.

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