How to continue learning at home: ideas, websites and APPS

Now that we need to stay at home, teachers, parents and children are acquiring new habits and skills focused on being able to continue teaching and / or learning with children at home , so it is necessary to use technology to help us and to be able to teach in educational, fun and productive way possible. There are great ideas and apps that will help you keep your little ones entertained, while still learning certain skills in different subjects.




Fortunately, there are many applications available to facilitate this task , especially for parents who have had to become “teachers” of their children. Of course, finding materials may not be easy, especially for those who are not dedicated to the education sector, and that is why in this article we have proposed to help those who need it with a selection of some of the best tools available online for teaching. And for different ages!



The best Apps to learn at home

If you have a computer or mobile phone at home and an internet connection (something that unfortunately is not always possible), don’t miss the following recommendations:

  • Duolingo: it is an ideal application to learn languages. With it, children will learn grammar, sentence formation or new vocabulary . Children can learn different languages such as English, French, Catalan, Portuguese, Italian, Esperanto, among many others, so it is very practical and useful.
  • Khan Academy : it is a platform that allows teachers, parents and students to work together. It belongs to a non-profit association sponsored by Google and other collaborating companies, with the aim that education reaches all homes for free . This application covers such important subjects as mathematics or science, among others.




  • Baybyradio: is a special website for the little ones in the house that you can have just one click on the phone with its “Apps Babyradio” application. Here you can find educational songs for your little ones, but not only that, since you will also find recipes for young children, games for the family, stories, books and podcasts. In addition, they have their own characters: Kroki, Mon the Dragon Fly, Panthy and many others that are colorable, cuttable and printable to decorate the children’s room , create mobiles for the crib or prepare a great party. As a parent you will be able to learn and have fun with his family blog and curious videos… it is ideal for the whole family!
  • : is an ideal application for children who are in the stage of learning multiplication tables. Through 10 mini games with 10 monkeys, it will be necessary to overcome different challenges to set them free, which is possible by applying the basic mathematical operations, such as adding, subtracting and multiplying (only available in some languages, but not in Spanish at the moment ).
  • Farm 123 : is an application that uses a farm setting to teach numbers to the little ones. At the same time, they are taught to create empathy for animals and to know the different sounds and shapes that each one of them have.
  • Montessori numberland : an application that helps children to count and learn to write numbers with the Montessori method. It is designed for children between 3 and 5 years old who need to learn the numbers from 0 to 9. Of course, keep in mind that it is an application available only for iOs.



Continue learning with the Forest of Fantasies

And if you still need more, remember that in the Forest of Fantasies we are here to help you with lots of resources available for mobile, tablet and computer: games, songs, stories, fables, cards, coloring pages … And so that you can better guide yourself through of our pages and materials, here are some of the most important links that you should not miss:


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