7 educational Netflix content that you should not miss

We all love a good Netflix binge on the weekends, and… what better way to do that than snuggling up to a good show or movie at home? Today’s television offers us many possibilities, even if what you are looking for is content as specific as those related to education.

Current television services and platforms offer all the genres you can imagine, including documentaries, which often serve to immerse yourself in more specific and interesting topics or, even, in aspects related to a profession, such as related films and documentaries. with education, teaching and learning .

It is true that quality documentaries on a specific topic are not as easy to find as the most popular dramas and comedies, but when it comes to educational documentaries and films, the truth is that there are many options. And so you don’t get lost looking, we have put together a list of 7 Netflix educational programs and content for your next relaxation session.

Go for the popcorn!


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7 Netflix movies and documentaries focused on education

If you are a teacher, with so many incredible educational documentaries on platforms like Netflix, you can stay in shape on a professional level while you relax. Learning, staying current and enjoying at the same time has never been so easy. Shall we start?


  • Night school

Year: 2016 / Duration: 1hr 21m

Three students who dropped out of high school return to school as adults to earn their degrees. Greg, Melissa, and Shynika will have achieved an incredible goal if they can achieve this dream, but completing high school may be easier said than done in Indianapolis, one of the cities with one of the lowest high school graduation rates in the US. .UU.

Viewers are drawn into each student’s life, watching behind the scenes as they struggle to balance family, work, and dreams of a better future . The Night School reveals the incredible obstacles many low-income Americans face in obtaining an education and the surprising hope that leads them through their travels.


  • NOVA: The School of the Future

Year: 2016 / Duration: 1hr 53m

American schools don’t exactly perform well by the global standard, a fact that worries parents, researchers, and educators alike. NOVA carefully examines the gaps between this educational system and that of other countries, as well as the racial and class disparities that are causing many problems.

However, this documentary is not just pessimism, since with it we can learn about the science of learning, the role of technology in the classroom and what can be done to improve the educational system. Researchers and educators come together to envision a future of innovation and equality that provides the education young minds deserve.


  • The bad kids

Year: 2016 / Duration: 1hr 40m

This inspiring documentary follows high school teachers in an impoverished community in the Mojave Desert. These educators work in an alternative school, tirelessly serving children who are so far behind that they have no chance of graduating through the traditional school system.

Viewers will see the power of hope and compassion in action as the principal and teachers use life skills, empathy, and love to help students realize their potential and improve their academic standing. The Bad Kids shows how a caring teacher can make a difference, while exposing the impact of poverty on underserved communities.


  • LEGO House: home of the bricks

Year: 2018 / Duration: 47 m

Not all education takes place in a classroom. Billund, Denmark is home to the LEGO House inspired by classic children’s building bricks. LEGO House was designed to inspire creativity, wonder and wonder in children of all ages. This Netflix documentary takes viewers behind the scenes of its creation, a process that took four years.

You will see how creative minds divided the LEGO House into four zones that symbolize four intersections of play and learning: creative, cognitive, social and emotional skills. Even your inner child could be inspired to make their own construction!





  • The school of water

Year: 2018 / Duration: 1 hour 7m

Six girls from around the world have one thing in common: they each live near one of the world’s major rivers. Waterschool takes viewers through education about water or sustainability, as well as its impact on the health of our planet.

The girls take what they have learned through Waterschool’s environmental education and apply those important lessons to their home communities along the Amazon, Nile, Mississippi, Danube, Ganges and Yangtze rivers.


  • Mental games

Year: 2015 / Duration: 30 minutes per episode.

This National Geographic documentary will make you rethink everything you thought you knew about your brain. Brain Games is an interactive show that challenges the audience with intricate puzzles in each episode, showing you the truth about how you perceive the world .

Children and adults will be amazed at your brain’s ability to focus, the truth behind why we are fooled by a magician’s sleight of hand, and much more. Brain Games suits family game night as well as family movie night: improve your focus and memory at the same time!


  • Little great minds

Year: 2018 / Duration: 30 minutes per episode.

What are memories? How big is the universe? This educational documentary answers questions like these in a way that brings science to life for kids 8 and older. Contests and a game show that puts parents in front of kids are just the beginning of fun learning!

Kids and adults will be hooked as Brainchild delves into topics like emotions, motivation, creativity, or even social media . This series shows that learning can be fun for the whole family.




Never stop learning is very important, and thanks to these Netflix educational documentaries we will be able to learn and discover new things while enjoying the relaxation and tranquility that sitting on a sofa and enjoying the screen provides. TV can also be helpful, and these shows will undoubtedly give you a lot to think about.


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