What is finger painting and its benefits in children

Finger painting is a fun way to introduce babies and young children to art and artistic expression. In order to carry out this activity, you only need paints (especially for non-toxic hands), sheets and cardboard. We must bear in mind that it is an advisable activity for children older than 6 months (never before), since that is just the age at which children are already prepared to better develop tact and artistic sensitivity, which allows them to start to create with total free expression .




It is advisable that when practicing finger painting , children are always accompanied by an adult to avoid, mainly, that they put the paint in their mouth (even if it is not toxic) because, although they should always be sought for children Natural and non-toxic paints in order not to harm them in case of neglect, supervision is necessary when dealing with very young children.


Benefits of finger painting


  • It is very fun and that makes the little ones happy

This is probably the best benefit of finger painting, and it is that children really enjoy doing it. In addition, fun, laughter and pleasure stimulate your psychic development in a healthy way. However, it is possible that some children from an early age feel reluctance to get dirty , and this must also be taken into account, since in these cases it is likely that the boy or girl in question does not enjoy the activity, in which case it would be better stop painting and never force the child to do something he does not want. Remember that it is about being something beautiful and fun!


  • Painting sparks your imagination

The variety of colors that appear with the movement of fingers, hands and even feet, is surprising children at every moment. This sparks their imagination and creativity , while allowing them to begin to have a better relationship with learning colors .


  • Stimulates your motor coordination

As children paint with fingers, hands and feet, their fine motor skills are encouraged. This helps them to have more control of their hands and fingers in every craft or activity they do, or every color they choose. And it is that painting with your fingers is as stimulating for your motor development as cutting or writing can be.




  • Develops tactile sensitivity

Being in direct contact with the paint makes the little ones also learn new knowledge about smooth and wet textures. This can be further encouraged by providing corrugated and other textured paper so they can experiment with more.


  • Improves children’s self-esteem

Finger painting offers children the opportunity to be independent creators, since they do not need a brush or any other type of tool or technique that they do not yet know how to use. This recognition of their autonomy to create also allows them to gain confidence in what they do , as well as increase the contact and time they spend with their parents or with their teachers and classmates. If they are also congratulated afterwards for their work, better than better, since this will also help to promote and stimulate their self-esteem.

There are many benefits of finger painting, but the feeling that children have when they think that they are doing and creating something great, and also alone, is even greater. Of course, do not forget that day to dress them in comfortable and old clothes that can be damaged and dirty without problems, as well as find a large space so that they can work without problems, such as a table or on the floor itself covered with cardboard or plastic. And it is very important that when carrying out this activity one can get dirty without screaming or lamenting , because it will depend, to a large extent, that they can be totally free and happy.

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