Excess of education? Fight them!

Life has become a non-stop , where relaxation is a luxury even for a child.

Fulfill the expectations that adults have placed on them; successfully reach the goals to which they are forced; Exiting unharmed from marathon days away from home (sometimes all day, with thousands of imposed and not freely chosen activities), is a source of stress and anxiety that a child in a healthy environment should not suffer.

Wanting them to have everything and / or to be able to choose between infinite possibilities often achieves the opposite effect: they become overwhelmed and blocked. When they just want to rest, think, invent, play and wander without pressure.

Assimilate what has been lived is essential to learn. And in the routine of rush that we live, for a child it is an almost impossible mission. It is worth going against the grain and building intelligent adults with options, but also serene and happy. Adults who enjoy the present moment without constantly thinking about the future as a source of stress and frustration.

How can we achieve this that sounds so complicated? We are going to try to work on four fronts that will change the routine:

  1. Less speed

Surely you are running everywhere and your children with you, learning that life is a race, we do not know very well how to get where. The only thing that seems clear is that you have to run. Don’t you think you should stop a bit sometimes, sit back and laugh with them? Let them see that life is more beautiful without so much haste. And if one day we do not arrive on time, it is just because we had to realize something. Think about it.

  1. Less information

They have to know everything, what to know, what to learn, what to memorize … Well no, it is not necessary, and more so considering that no matter how much you explain, in the child’s mind there is a kind of click that jumps when the information is already it is excessive and does not interest them. From that moment they do not listen to you, so it is convenient to tell them only what they ask us, which is what interests them. As for the Internet and television, even if it costs, you have to reduce exposure to the screens and spend that time playing, reading, dancing or simply talking and laughing.

  1. Less options

Let’s reduce the range of possibilities: if instead of two or three extracurricular activities, they attend one that they like and motivate, the effect will be positive. When we have too much to choose from or to be forced to stand out, it is definitely very easy to lose interest and get frustrated.

  1. Less things

When we have only one thing, we take care of it more than when we have many. This is so. For the sake of your children, reduce their possessions and they will value them more. They do not need to have lots of toys, but a few that stimulate their imagination. When they have a room full of things, they end up playing with a pot full of water where they put their dolls to swim. And so happy. The slogan is less is more . Less stress and more happiness.

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