Is it good to celebrate father's day at school?

celebrar el dia del padre Society changes and with it the family models and there is not in all a father figure as such. Today we see families with normality and respect that until not long ago were strange: two women or two men who live together as a family with their own or adopted children.

Seeing the cases of abuse and the abandonment and / or pressure that so many children are subjected to, the important thing should be that the upbringing is done with a lot of love and involvement, not who does it. The fact that the couple is heterosexual (made up of a man and a woman) is no guarantee that the child will be educated in an environment of love and respect , so I believe it is essential to put quality first in the child’s education, whatever it may be. the chosen family option.

Once this has been clarified, it must also be taken into account that in a house the father figure may be missing due to death, abandonment or because it has never existed, in the case of single mothers. It is also possible that the child is raised by grandparents or some other relative, if the mother is also missing, or because of work or displacement of the parents. All these possibilities seem more than enough reasons to review the celebration of Father’s Day as such, don’t you think?

In my particular case, I came across a very interesting initiative 12 years ago in Castellón, a province of the Valencian Community in Spain. At that time my son entered a school with a very advanced pedagogy in general. And this included having eliminated all the festivities that were normally celebrated in all the centers, making very specific crafts (Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Valentine’s Day, and already today we could almost add Grandparents’ Day) for a craft each month simply dedicated to “family”.

It seemed like a wonderful idea to me because it is difficult to delve into the particular conditions of each child and get everyone right. So I celebrated this decision and congratulated them on it. Each month a different manual work was proposed for the family in general and the child was given the possibility to decide whether he wanted to give it to a specific family member or simply for everyone to enjoy it at home.

I contemplate the current debate on this issue and I realize how pioneering this center was at the time and how grateful I am to so many teachers who do not give up and are always looking for new options that benefit children, our children.

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The ideas to make as a craft in class can be as varied as they are useful and, in addition, they have no gender, that is, suitable for everyone: picture frames, family drawing, key hanger, painted flowerpot, mobile with animals or stars to decorate the house , basket to put candies, clay figures, bouquet or box of dried flowers, stones or painted shells for the living room, pencil pot, recycled material bag … (plastic bags, fabrics, ropes). In short, there is no limit to the imagination. Try to consult the children about what to do, they will surely come up with good ideas.

And finally, we would like to know your opinion: do you think that we should continue with the holiday addressed to the father exclusively as before or do you find this idea of “monthly family holiday” that the family proposes to take, whatever it may be, more respectful? as the objective of the celebration, promoting values of respect and diversity?

Let us know what you think of this debate!

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