Meeting someone who has unfortunately been diagnosed with cancer is quite common. And that it touches us closely is not difficult. So we may have to talk to children about this at some point.

Since the first diagnosis is made, a tough and complicated battle begins. And children feel everything, they notice the changes, the tension, the tiredness and the uncertainty. That is why it is so important to talk to them and not lie to them. Yes adapt the version to their age and understanding, but telling them the truth. If some aspect is too harsh it is better not to tell it than to deceive them . In this way we will avoid, or at least soften, your pain and concern. If they feel involved, and to a certain extent a great support for the affected person, they will be able to assimilate it a little better.

And if we don’t know where to start or how to deal with it, once again the stories come to our aid. Six wonderful stories that from experience give us ideas on how to approach this delicate subject to the smallest of the house. We begin:

  1. Pepe (Katrine Leverve) told us

The story is told through the gaze of Pepe, the family cat, and tells us about how two twins, Ana and Pablo, adapt to the new routine at home with their mother diagnosed with cancer and receiving chemotherapy treatment. A useful and close story that can be downloaded at this link:


  1. What’s the matter, … mom? (Sonia Fuentes)

“Cancer must be explained to children with clear words and short sentences” says the author of this beautiful story, psycho-oncologist Sonia Fuentes, who writes the story from her experience seeing patients no longer worried about their medical opinion, but about how They were going to explain to their children what was happening. This is how he recounts how Pol’s mother tells him the details of the disease and, in turn, Pol asks him everything that occurs to him, demystifying the process and helping to maintain the joy of the day to day. Hair loss and mastectomy are explained as a natural process so that a child does not panic and can understand. Here you can download:


  1. The Fairy of the stars (Charo García)

This moving and sweet story was written by Charo for his son Victor when he knew he was leaving. She tells how she is claimed to be the Fairy of the stars because she turns out to be the ideal candidate for the position. He also tells you how he will be there in heaven listening to him whenever he wants to tell him something or needs his company. Beautiful. Download it here:


  1. Toby and the Flying Machine (Rosa Zeda)

A simple story that helps the hospitalized child understand the stages of the disease that he is going through, feeling identified with Toby. Specially dedicated to children in treatment between 4 and 7 years old. Highly recommended.

You can download it here:

  1. In the land of dragons (Antonio Bermejo and Teresa Arrufat)

In a hospital a child is admitted and has to face a difficult mission in the land of dragons. Suddenly he begins to see how the nurse transforms into an incredible dragon … Fun and exciting, it is a perfect story to reduce the drama of the situation and bring the adventure closer to the hospital.

  1. Mom goes to war (Irene Aparici Martin)

Another mom who used fantasy to explain to her children what was going to happen. With courage she becomes a queen who sees her territory threatened and needs the solidarity of those around her to face the struggle. Hope and positivity head the message. Fantastic allegory of a difficult but not impossible story.

You will find it in online book stores.

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